Saturday, 27 December 2014

Truth at the grave... 'Sachchai Mein Chain'

I walked on briskly, single-mindedly. There was a restlessness in me. The restlessness of expectation of something too good to be true.

I was dreaming impossible dreams. No, they are possible, I corrected my own thoughts.

Despite my efforts to not think about it, my mind was giving me teasing glimpses of my future with Ajay. A future of beautiful possibilities and smiles.

As I entered the office building, I knew that I would be attracting curious glances. Not that I noticed them, though. I stopped in front of Ajay’s desk, who stood up surprised. His eyes had a hint of anger.

Will he understand? Will he forgive me? I knew if I thought about this at all, I won’t be able to go ahead with it.

“Yes, I will”, I said, still out of breath.

“You will?” The anger in his eyes melted, replaced by a hope that he was clearly trying to resist.

“I will marry you”. I grinned, moving forward to hug him.

“Oh no, you don’t”, Ajay said taking a step back. “You don’t walk out on me without a word. And then say yes, the next day.”

I could feel the excitement and hope apparent in my stance vanishing. A delicate, beautiful balloon hoping to float up in the skies, deflated… more like burst instantaneously.

Ajay saw the pained expression that he had glimpsed in my eyes often. Did he know by now that I would hide in my shell. Did he know I was expecting things to end badly. He had always assured me that he understood my problems from the past. And yet, he had felt an anger. No, it wasn’t anger, I convinced myself.
What he had felt the ache of his love.

“Okay, okay”, Ajay held up his hand, palms out. “Let’s go and talk about this”. He held my hand and pulled me into the conference room. Pushing me gently into a chair, he sat in front of me, held my hands and looked into my eyes, and waited.

My eyes met his for an instant, and then I closed my eyes.
Almost a minute later, eyes still closed, I said, “I went to his grave today. I told him I am leaving him.” I snapped open my eyes, searching his eyes to see if he understood.
“I had to leave him to be able before I could agree to marry you”, I continued.

Did he realize the extent of agony my possessive husband had caused me. I knew he tried to understand. I also knew that it continued to astonish him.

“And now?” he asked, ensuring that he sounded calm.

“For two years, I couldn’t garner courage to leave him. He died before I could tell him. He always said, he owned me forever. I had to leave him. And I have, now.

I smiled. He did too.

A truthful foundation for a new beginning…

Friday, 5 December 2014

Waves' treasures...

Gems abandoned
in search for more treasures
- receding waves

Prompt by and Shared with -
Carpe Diem 'Sparkling Stars' # 14

Thursday, 4 December 2014


His will supreme
believed in sync with endeavours
true peace

Three lines 
describing my struggles
bring peace

Prompt by and Shared with -
Carpe Diem # 618, 'Peace'

Sunday, 30 November 2014

Cycle of life - Flash Fiction

The cycle of life, a convenient excuse, he thought, staring out the window, frowning.

The big fake window of the hotel room that he couldn't open, he thought gratefully.

Grateful because he knew what he'd have done had the window opened.

High up on the 15th floor, he stared down, seeing a bloody, withered, liberated version of himself.

As his family returned, dripping with the swimming pool water.

The cycle of life, he smiled to himself, closing his wallet and with it the memories.

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Thursday, 27 November 2014

Forgiveness... a Haiku

lonely as a cloud
she chose to accept the daffodil
-solace in forgiveness

Daffodil (Image Source)

('Daffodils' signify 'forgiveness')

Prompt by and Shared with -
Carpe Diem # 613, Solace

Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Sunday, 23 November 2014

Rhyming vacations... Memories

My family and I enjoy long Road Trips. There have been trips to Agra, Jaipur, Amritsar, Mussourie and many other places from Delhi. Later the long Road Trips became longer as we even drove to Mumbai from Delhi, and back a few times.

It is easy for me to boast about how enjoyable all these trips were, now that both my kids are grown up enough to savour the experience. Travelling with kids is never easy. These long drives presented us with the challenge of making sure that the kids have fun, within the limitations of sitting in the car for long periods of time.

I remember a Road Trip when my son was around five years of age. The cramped space of the car would make him cranky and impatient.
I would try to figure out ways to keep him occupied and also have him interested in the surroundings.
The rhyme ‘Old McDonalds had a farm’ was a favourite of his from school. So we would start singing it, enjoying the different sounds that are a part of the popular nursery rhyme.

The best part was when we would try to incorporate the animals that we would see outside in the rhyme. So if we saw a goat, we would use it in this rhyme – ‘a main mainhere, and a main main there’…
This rhyme made the Road Trips, not just fun, but also a learning experience.

Another such rhyme that my son was very fond of, is ‘One Two Buckle my Shoe’.

Again I extended this rhyme beyond its normal length, to help my son learn counting.
So there’s –
‘Twenty one, Twenty two – My favourite colour is blue;
Twenty three, Twenty four – Give me chocolate more’
And so on…

These journeys and experiences made such rhymes part of our beautiful memories.

Friday, 14 November 2014

Challenging Jealousy... Haiku

Om Mani Padme Hum

The prompt this week at Haiku Shuukan is 'Ma'. 'Ma' purifies jealousy and need for entertainment (realm of the jealous gods)

It is an ethereal and difficult prompt... yet I tried to write on it.
Here's my effort -

eyes downcast
wishing for purer thoughts
a restless ache

ache for more
scorched the thoughts
- she looked within

looked within
wishing for a release
- thoughts flying high

Prompt by and Shared with -
Carpe Diem Haiku Shuukan, Prompt 'Ma'

Sunday, 9 November 2014

Boneset whispers... Haiku

Credits: Boneset (or Fujibakama)

they whisper secrets
-autumn gaiety

Prompt by and Shared with -
Carpe Diem #600, Boneset or Fujibakama (Eupatorium Japonicum)

Sun's reflection... Haiku

Healthy Child, Happy Home - poem

It is silent
yet not peaceful
as she gazes at
the sleeping child

She watches
not admiring as
she usually would
rather with worried eyes

The disquiet quiet
surrounding the house
needs his energy
to have cheer back

'Do something Mummy'
he moans in pain
Her helplessness
an ache within

As he heals
the bliss returns
His health encompassing
the home with happiness

When I think of health, what do I think of…

Health is Happiness…
As I mother, one of my first thoughts is what I wrote the above lines about. When kids are unwell, the very vibe around the house changes.
‘How peaceful’ – a oft-repeated comment by grown-ups when admiring a sleeping child. But it is not the same when the child is sick and is in a restless slumber… then the comments, if any, are about the lack of energy and cheer is the environment and ‘Get Well Soon’ prayers for the child.

Prevention is better than cure…
Growing up in Delhi, the winters were a beautiful challenge to live through. Leaving for school when it was still dark outside, not wearing enough warm clothes just to be able to claim – ‘It’s not that cold’ and also, enjoying the rare ice-cream at India Gate in peak winters…
But Delhi winters can really hamper all this enjoyments, is one is not well.
That is why, it has always been standard to get ready for the challenging cold weather, by having Dabur Chyawanprash regularly. Before it would be time to bring out the woolens to get ready for the coming chill, it was always time to start with the regular supplement of the trusted Chyawanprash as immunity against the bouts of cold and cough.

Jaan Hai To Jahaan Hai…
For the longest time (it seems), every time the topic of taking care of one's health would come up, the argument quoted would be 'Jaan Hai To Jahaan Hai'... the result of growing up on 'DoorDarshan' and nothing but 'DoorDarshan'.
Somewhere along the line 'Jaan Hai To Jahaan Hai' gave way to more 'sophisticated' arguments.
Once in a while, I still quote it. And get a strange look from my kids in return. Understanding of certain statements, needs some experiences.
 But experiences or no experiences, the fact still remains ‘Jaan Hai To Jahaan Hai’.

“It is health that is real wealth and not pieces of gold and silver.” – Mahatma Gandhi

And health is a way of life. Health is an acquired lifestyle, which is more about precaution than about care… And health is happiness.
Just as I started this with a poem, I will end it with one too…

Twinkle in his eye
He ran, daring her to catch him

-healthy happiness

Written in response to Indiblogger's 'A Healthy Child makes a Happy Home' for Dabur Chyawanprash

Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Sun's Kingdom... a poem

Fantasy-world in the sky (Image Source)
spreading halo
in the golden kingdom
sun stretches

sun stretches
lighting its own kingdom
chariot of fire

chariot of fire
clouds feeling cherished
sun smiles

Prompt by and Shared with -
Carpe Diem "Time Glass" # 9, Clouds

Thursday, 30 October 2014

Revenge is unforgiving... (God is a Gamer - A Review)

Book: God is a Gamer
Author: Ravi Subramanian

Genre: Fiction (Thriller)

Published by: Penguin Books

No. of pages: 310

Cover price: Rs. 299

‘God is a Gamer’ is the story of three friends, Swami (an alumni of IIM Ahmedabad and a banker, just as our author is), Aditya and Sundeep (the latter two have a BPO and a gaming company).

The gripping tale of ‘God is a Gamer’ includes an assassinated American Senator, a mysterious suicide, a Cabinet Minister, a rebel, riots, phishing scam, hacking, corporate politics, romance and much more. And all these stories seem to come together effortlessly, making for this engrossing read.

‘God is a Gamer’ by ‘Ravi Subramanian’ starts in the headquarters of Mastercard and Visa. It goes on to mention Wikileak’s use of bitcoins. I googled the latter and it is a fact.

I love reading stories, where the fact paves way for fiction. Fact and fiction are interwoven and make the story ‘real’. Actual events and people are used to create fiction.
After reading the book, google gets overworked as I try to figure out what's make-believe and what's not. And some of the facts are surprising. Fact is stranger than fiction, after all.
Add to that, the probability that even fiction is somehow representative of what actually happened, but is not known in the public arena. Makes it all the more exciting.

The tale of ‘God is a Gamer’ is told with many clues strewn over in the narrative and many twists too. Often I felt I knew who had done it, or for that matter what is being done. And then I realized I was wrong. Even when everything fell into place finally, nothing was right. The ending of the book thrilled me the most. Nothing is at it seems. And yet, it was so probable in hindsight.

Corporate politics in ‘God is a Gamer’ is dusty, but not filthy.

I knew of Bitcoins as virtual money vaguely, before I read this book. As I read it, I learnt some and as usual, I googled some. The mystery of creator(s) of Bitcoin makes for another engrossing angle in the story. As I said before, fact and fiction blended makes for a wonderful read.

The title of 'God is a Gamer' felt so right, as I read the last page of this thriller by Ravi Subramanian. The many coincidences and twists and plannings... God is a Gamer. This book is one of the very good books I have read in quite a while. I highly recommend it.

What happens when you cross gamer, banker, politician and terrorist with virtual money? From the bestselling author of If God Was a Banker comes the first ever bitcoin thriller. God is a Gamer is a world where money means nothing, martyrs are villians, predators are prey, assassination is taught by the ancient Greeks, and nothing is as it seems.
Moving from Washington's Congress to Delhi's finance ministry, the beaches of Goa to the corporate boardrooms of Mumbai, this is Ravi Subramanian's most gripping novel yet.

Meet the author

Thanks blogadda for the author-signed copy of this book.

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"River Stones" - Tan Renga

in a desert land
stones from rivers far away
muttering dark tales                (© Magical Mystical Teacher)

seasoned travelers resting
restless again to get away      (Nimi)

Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Thursday, 23 October 2014

Humility - Haiku

Image Source

loaded with fruit
the branch bows humbly
sweet weight of duty

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Diwali Shopping - Haiku

excited mob
buying diyas n sweets
Diwali Shopping

It is Diwali - the exciting festival of lights. When I read the prompt on Carpe Diem Ghost Writer #30, Garry Gay on "thinking out of the box or misdirection", I had just returned from shopping because it's Diwali time.
Garry Gay's talk of Halloween had me thinking of Diwali, so this is what I wrote.

I cannot resist sharing the beautiful picture that accompanied the post...

Credits: Indian Summer Quebec, Canada
Prompt by and Shared with -
Carpe Diem Ghost Writer #30, Garry Gay

Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Life Released - Haiku

Image Source
seed sprouts
unaware of its gift
-life released

Prompt: 'Released'

Prompt by and Shared with -
Haiku Horizons
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