Sunday, 25 December 2016

The need for a online shopping options for the groom...

Strolling through Karol Bagh Market with an American friend of mine (who was visiting India for the first time), I was distracted from trying to walk through the crowded street.

"Groom for sale" written boldly in front of a shop was the reason that she had stopped and was now giggling like a school gir
Obviously what was for sale was not a groom but rather clothes and other accessories for one.

Clicking pictures of the sign that promised her a groom, she sighed as if dreaming of finding the man of her dreams while placing.

Once back home, the topic of the 'grooms' took a new turn.
As I drove back home with her, she started talking about the hope that she could find 'grooms' online.

Sitting cozily we explored the site (Manyavar) that would have the trendy wedding wear for men.

The royal Sherwani,

The sophisticated Kurta,

The rich Brooch,

A brooch that looks rich and beautifully so...

The rare safa,
And Pagris that add elan to any clothes that one may be wearing...

Shop online for trendy mens' wedding wear and accessories from Manyavar including sherwani, kurtas, brooch, safa, juti, kilangi, mala, scarf etc.

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