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The motto these days - Forward it all

The latest life-saving information that I got, thanks to my well-wishers on Whatsapp... A Mehndi (Henna) called "Red Cone" that is poisonous. If applied on hands or feet, it leads to need for amputation of hands and legs. And the message includes a heart-rending story of a girl, who was to be married, but instead died. Apparently, she applied this mehndi, she got infection in hands, the doctors said her limbs would have to be amputated and her parents chose to give her poison instead. The message does not mention any place or names. The message starts with "Please send it around". In between are the words "Please pass it on". And it ends with "Plz save other's life. It's our duty plz." Whenever I get any such message, I do a simple google search. In this case, I typed "Mehndi Red Cone" and there were lots of suggestions - Mehndi Red Cone news, Mehndi Red Cone Disease, Mehndi Red Cone Hoax, etc. Why can't