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Truth at the grave... 'Sachchai Mein Chain'

I walked on briskly, single-mindedly. There was a restlessness in me. The restlessness of expectation of something too good to be true. I was dreaming impossible dreams. No, they are possible, I corrected my own thoughts. Despite my efforts to not think about it, my mind was giving me teasing glimpses of my future with Ajay. A future of beautiful possibilities and smiles. As I entered the office building, I knew that I would be attracting curious glances. Not that I noticed them, though. I stopped in front of Ajay’s desk, who stood up surprised. His eyes had a hint of anger. Will he understand? Will he forgive me? I knew if I thought about this at all, I won’t be able to go ahead with it. “Yes, I will”, I said, still out of breath. “You will?” The anger in his eyes melted, replaced by a hope that he was clearly trying to resist. “I will marry you”. I grinned, moving forward to hug him. “Oh no, you don’t”, Ajay said taking a step back. “You don’t walk

Cycle of life - Flash Fiction

The cycle of life, a convenient excuse, he thought, staring out the window, frowning. The big fake window of the hotel room that he couldn't open, he thought gratefully. Grateful because he knew what he'd have done had the window opened. High up on the 15th floor, he stared down, seeing a bloody, withered, liberated version of himself. As his family returned, dripping with the swimming pool water. The cycle of life, he smiled to himself, closing his wallet and with it the memories. © Nimi Arora

Rhyming vacations... Memories

My family and I enjoy long Road Trips. There have been trips to Agra, Jaipur, Amritsar, Mussourie and many other places from Delhi. Later the long Road Trips became longer as we even drove to Mumbai from Delhi, and back a few times. It is easy for me to boast about how enjoyable all these trips were, now that both my kids are grown up enough to savour the experience. Travelling with kids is never easy. These long drives presented us with the challenge of making sure that the kids have fun, within the limitations of sitting in the car for long periods of time. I remember a Road Trip when my son was around five years of age. The cramped space of the car would make him cranky and impatient. I would try to figure out ways to keep him occupied and also have him interested in the surroundings. The rhyme ‘Old McDonalds had a farm’ was a favourite of his from school. So we would start singing it, enjoying the different sounds that are a part of the popular nursery rhyme.

Healthy Child, Happy Home - poem

It is silent yet not peaceful as she gazes at the sleeping child She watches not admiring as she usually would rather with worried eyes The disquiet quiet surrounding the house needs his energy to have cheer back 'Do something Mummy' he moans in pain Her helplessness an ache within As he heals the bliss returns His health encompassing the home with happiness When I think of health, what do I think of… Health is Happiness… As I mother, one of my first thoughts is what I wrote the above lines about. When kids are unwell, the very vibe around the house changes. ‘How peaceful’ – a oft-repeated comment by grown-ups when admiring a sleeping child. But it is not the same when the child is sick and is in a restless slumber… then the comments, if any, are about the lack of energy and cheer is the environment and ‘Get Well Soon’ prayers for the child. Prevention is better than cure… Growing up in Delhi, the winters were

The silent war - poem

image credit:  Dick Blick Art Head bowed he fought silent and stubborn With belief he argued quiet and tenacious Forever alone he attacked softly and with love © Nimi Arora Shared with Magpie Tales

Revenge is unforgiving... (God is a Gamer - A Review)

Book: God is a Gamer Author: Ravi Subramanian Genre: Fiction (Thriller) Published by: Penguin Books No. of pages: 310 Cover price: Rs. 299 ‘God is a Gamer’ is the story of three friends, Swami (an alumni of IIM Ahmedabad and a banker, just as our author is), Aditya and Sundeep (the latter two have a BPO and a gaming company). The gripping tale of ‘God is a Gamer’ includes an assassinated American Senator, a mysterious suicide, a Cabinet Minister, a rebel, riots, phishing scam, hacking, corporate politics, romance and much more. And all these stories seem to come together effortlessly, making for this engrossing read. ‘God is a Gamer’ by ‘Ravi Subramanian’ starts in the headquarters of Mastercard and Visa. It goes on to mention Wikileak’s use of bitcoins. I googled the latter and it is a fact. I love reading stories, where the fact paves way for fiction. Fact and fiction are interwoven and make the story ‘real’. Actual events and people are used to

More worldly than you think... a poem

What is Indian, I wonder as I pen down these words India in itself is so diverse that it is a task of sorts When did it happen that I could flaunt my passport The change was gradual I realise in retrospect When did it happen that India got noticed on world map It had lost its place over centuries of struggle, it's sad 'Sone ki chidiya' lost it's wealth and ability to fly When did it happen that it again could soar so high A feeling of confidence seeped into us Indians as India is wooed and the world beckons India is accepted in the world Or is it, world accepted in India © Nimi Arora

Her Masterpiece... Flash Fiction

The photo prompt for this week's Friday Fictioneers (copyright Douglas MacIlroy) He entered the room in the evening. He looked around trying to look at things through her eyes. There was an artwork using delicate sea shells and pebbles. It looked beautiful to him just as it was. But alongside lay more stones and a bigger shell. What had she planned to do with it, he tried to imagine. She always jokingly referred to this artwork as her ‘masterpiece’. He knew she actually meant it. The room was the way she had left it that night almost two years ago. She had wanted to work a little longer. He had insisted otherwise. She never woke up the next morning. © Nimi Arora Prompt by and Shared with - Friday Fictioneers

My first Indiblogger meet #WORDUP

My first Indiblogger meet... my first blogger meet ever I didn't know what to expect. I reached around 9:25 am, expecting hardly anyone would be there. I was so wrong. There were quiet a few bloggers around. Through the day, there was an excitement in the air. Excitement and enjoyment of being a blogger. Renie Ravin said that there's no way to describe bloggers. There's no such thing as a 'typical blogger' - something I realised as I looked around. There are different types of blogs and the same goes for bloggers. I blog because I like to write. My blog is mostly about poetry and fiction, with my rare travel experiences thrown in. It was a inspiring to meet writers who blog for a living, or want to blog for a living. What I learnt - Discover your passion. Give accurate headlines to your blog posts, even if they are not always attention-grabbing. Do not follow anyone else's style. Be inspired by others, but work on b

My memories with you - a poem

This post has been published by me as a part of the Blog-a-Ton 49 ; the forty-ninth edition of the online marathon of Bloggers; where we decide and we write. Image Source Your face key to my past Each expression an experience portrayed Memories abound as I look at you The goodbye coming all too near No image can capture this air My memoirs about to be lost to fire You left my future is lost I ache more so is my past I stare wanting to preserve you My guide to go down the memory lane © Nimi Arora

Magician... A poem

Image Source Forever lonely with his skill the magician kept trying His eyes focused and often teary the magician juggled on Crowd shouting Little ones excited the magician made magic © Nimi Arora Prompt by and Shared with -  Poetry Jam - 'Magic' My 5 Reminisces of Magic

Barren, Intense, Worry - A poem

The intense pair  questioned the barren one Years worth of questions asked in a single look The connection from past drained every worry from her being © Nimi Arora Three Word Wednesday - "Barren, Intense, Worry"

Heritage - a poem

The glue that holds together with resilience of wisdom Forever present - the heritage The old not appreciated always the invaluable antiques Forever new - the heritage Infused in tradition open to new with roots in time Forever cool - the heritage The celebration of what was The beauty of what is Forever joyful - the heritage © Nimi Arora Prompt by and Shared with - Poets United

Clouds... and life (poem)

Image Source Collecting drops reminiscent of ants Spreading the smiles with their tears Drifting together yet strangers Sad and lonely crying their pain Temporary, ever-changing Colors and shapes just a mask - Clouds... and life © Nimi Arora Prompt by and Shared with - Poetry Jam

Digs galore... Book Review - Digs, Dogs and Drama (Rachna Singh)

Book: Digs, Dogs and Drama Author: Rachna Singh Genre: Fiction (Humour) Published by: White Tarantula Digs, Dogs and Drama (DDD) is a compilation of satirical writings about various day-to-day experiences. There's a total of 46 chapters, each narrating independent anecdotes, and can be read in any order. DDD is about looking at world with 'humour-colored' glasses. The final write-up gives you a comical view of various routine things, like ordering a cake or a hotel stay and even bollywood movies. The fun starts from the word go, when the author starts with this disclaimer - "No animals or editors were harmed in the writing of this book!" Most of the anecdotes are very good, a few average. All in all, a good read. My personal favourite in DDD is the 'guide to Bangalore'. The flip side is that some portions read as if the author is trying too hard to make them funny. Also, there's the question whether one can get offended

Book Review - The Black Cane (Eileen Harris)

Book: The Black Cane (Dowager Diaries: Book 1) Author: Eileen Harris Genre: Fiction (Mystery) No. of pages: 336 66 year old, Amelia Armstrong, a widow, is living a life of leisure. Her weekly bridge game at a restaurant, with a group of friends of similar age group, is her only source of amusement. Her curiosity over a snuffling sound that she hears from a dark alley, changes the course of her life, and also the life of her friends. She rescues a kidnapped boy, Marc. As the friends and a few friends of these friends, come together to solve the mystery of Marc's past, their lives take unexpected, exciting turn. If the women are going to save the boy and stay alive, they are going to have to use skills that have been dormant way too long. Amelia carries a ruby-studded, eye-catching black cane. The cane was the last gift from her husband and she carries it even though she doesn't really need it. When giving it to her, he had said, "This is for you. I may

Six Word Saturday... Ganesh Chaturthi

Ganesh Chaturthi - the faith, the fun Shared with - Six Word Saturday

Book Review - India Was One

Book: India Was One Author: An Indian (Anonymous) Genre: Fiction The book starts with the protagonist, Jai going through a lonely, dark, jungle kind of slightly-eerie place with a local guy. Once they reach a certain spot, Jai looks through binoculars, across a border at his wife. The two cannot cross the border - the border dividing North and South India. After a glimpse of this emotionally-charged, tense moment, the story goes into flashback and starts from the college days of Jai and Kaahi (Kahaani's nickname). Is Kahaani really a name, I wondered. So I googled it - it apparently is, but not a very common one. I had heard of 'Kavita' (means 'Poetry'), but never ,Kahaani' (means 'Story'). Surprisingly, no one in the book asks Kahaani about her name. Jai's family is from Karnataka, and Kaahi's from Gujarat, though both the families stay in Mumbai. I hail from North India. My first thought was - well, Guj