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Titanic, The Movie

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I wrote this on April 5, 1998 after I came back after watching Titanic for the second time. It was rare then, and it is rare now, for me to watch a movie twice on theater. Actually I can think of only one other film which would fit this criteria for me. And I watched that movie twice because some relatives insisted that we join them when they were going. It was DDLJ. As for Titanic, I would have been more than happy to have watched it again and again... So here's what I wrote back then - Saw 'Titanic' for the second time today. And maybe because it was the second time I could look beyond how indescribably good Leonardo DiCaprio (Jack) was looking, the flawless beauty of Kate Winslet (Rose), the elegance of the first class passengers, the comparison between the 1st class and 3rd class passengers, the beautiful sets and costumes, the brilliance of the director in showing even the engines and the workers there - all in all, the whole grandeur. I was not pr…