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Hot tea - a Hottie

'Kids don't drink tea' I was always told 'Leads to dark complexion' was the legend doled Nose running away in Delhi winters Would get me the forbidden drink with some ginger Late night studies And teenage dissent The steaming cup became a friend Image Source Baristas and CCDs still not in sight Tea stall near college made our day bright Years have passed Hot tea remains Especially helps in times of strain I tell my kids now 'Don't drink tea' I just skip the complexion bit Relax and drink is the only way To enjoy a cuppa I say Yet, it is better to have hastened the tea than never to have had it, you see

Bitter Truths - a poem

Is tears and sighs all that life can provide? Is wet eyes of a person     life’s greatest sight? Are betrayals life’s precious experiences? Do thorns of sorrow so deeply pierce? Are smiles in life too rare? Is it true that for none, anybody cares Image Source

The dream and nightmare of Words #BlogInspiration

I have a dream Of thoughts on paper Words expressing emotions Tears in readers' eyes - my story's impact Emotions woven in abstract I have a nightmare The paper's blank The pen in my hand                                                                         One word after another Using the 26 blocks Make the best (and worst) of thoughts Why write this blog? To work towards the dream                                   To ward off the nightmare                                                           Image taken from  here                            

5 Places I would love to visit in this lifetime #5PlacesToTravel

When I first started thinking about the places I would love to visit, I was boggled by all the places that came to my mind. I started with places like London, Las Vegas, Egypt and Switzerland. Soon I was travelling, in my mind that is, to the deserts of Jaisalmer (never been there), North East of India (again a place I haven't been to, but really want to visit) and Singapore (went there long back, came back with great memories, want to go again). Then there are many beautiful places like Austria, Mauritius, France... As I thought more about this, there are two reasons that I want to visit these places - One, for their tourist attractions and  Two, because I want to go and relax there, thanks to the scenic beauty. After much consideration, I finally realised that it is not the places as a whole but a particular experience there that would actually make the place a must-visit for me. Thanks to this blog, I have a list of places  I really want to travel to. The list is