Hot tea - a Hottie

'Kids don't drink tea'
I was always told
'Leads to dark complexion'
was the legend doled

Nose running away
in Delhi winters
Would get me the forbidden drink
with some ginger

Late night studies
And teenage dissent
The steaming cup
became a friend

Hot masala tea in white cup with white saucer, flower on the side, red ethnic table cloth
Image Source

Baristas and CCDs
still not in sight
Tea stall near college
made our day bright

Years have passed
Hot tea remains
Especially helps
in times of strain

I tell my kids now
'Don't drink tea'
I just skip
the complexion bit

Relax and drink
is the only way
To enjoy a cuppa
I say

Yet, it is better to have
hastened the tea
than never to have had it,
you see


  1. There's nothing like a good cup of tea at the right time.

  2. I was never told not to drink tea; we're tea lovers, the whole family. There is no better stress reliever. :)

    1. On the contrary, we grew up being told that children drink milk, not tea.
      But I always loved tea. One good thing about being grownup is, no one tells me not to drink tea.


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