5 reminisces of Magic

The very mention of the word 'Magic' fills my head with varied, enchanting images.
Here I make a conscious effort of segregating them.

1. My son, who just stepped into his teenage went through a phase of being exceptionally fascinated with magic tricks. It started when a magician performed at his fifth birthday party. Fueled by certain TV shows that, he would keep pretending and practicing to be a magician.

A magic show in progress with a boy volunteering
Image Source

I have this vivid memory of a dinner we had with some friends and my son had everyone glued to his magical ways throughout.

2. Next image is from the movie 'Stepmom'. A mother, dying of cancer, makes a magician' cape for her son. The cape has pictures of mother and son on it. In a wonderfully emotional movie, it is one of my favorite scenes.

3. Then, there was the magic show at Goa. A few years back we stayed at Heritage Village Resort in Goa. One evening, a magic show was performed by a man, who needed none of the magicians props - no costumes, no assistants. He was also a senior employee at the resort.

I don't remember his name, but whenever I go to Goa again, I will certainly enquire about him at the resort. His performance was impressive and effortless.

4. When I was in school, a magic show was once performed there. The magician called me on stage. I just had to hold a scarf, but I was scared out of my wits. This is the only magic-related memory which is not all good, yet I can smile about it.

5. Above all, when I think magic, I think of the magic in this world. In all this bad, the hope is Magic. In so much pain, optimism is Magic.

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  1. Stepmom does being back magic. This actually reminds me of my lil brother who wants to be a wizard. Yes, not kidding.

    1. Who doesn't want to do a little magic.
      After reading (and loving) Harry Potter, I think even I would love to be a witch. :)

  2. That scene in step mom is amazing :) and well said...hope is magic.. :)

    1. Thanks for appreciating what I have written, Preethi.

  3. Nimi, its a magical post how you sparked beauty surrounding ur life...I was always fascinated with wizard:)

  4. Magic tricks in school were my favorite ! The word magic reminds me off Harry potter, books and a few movies which include koyi mil gaya, & stepmom ofcourse !

    1. So true... I am disappointed in myself for not having included Harry Potter. I love Harry Potter books, but I guess I think of Harry Potter as more of a parallel world than magic.

  5. Hmm ..the step mom scene was magical . :) great post! and i did not realize you having a teenage son! perhaps from 'Nimi 'I took you for a teenage student :D presumptions you see :) Happy Blogging :) Kokila.

  6. Thanks Kokila.
    Well, I was 'Nimi' and I am 'Nimi'... that's how it works :D

    1. Yeah... even I like it that way dear :)
      wishes .... happy blogging :)


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