The Dilemma of a Role Model #MyRoleModel

Oxford Dictionary defines Role Model as "A person looked to by others as an example to by others as an example to be imitated".

Placards of 'who is your role model' in two languages
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Now, I start racking my brains, thinking of past and present, real and reel and books... to come up with that one name, that one person, who I want to imitate... that one person I want to be like.

I had a teacher in middle school - Bhupinder Ma'am. Her sincerity and honesty and caring nature had me wanting to be like her. I admire her still, but I no longer see her through the eyes of a child. From the perspective of a grown-up, I cannot name her as my role model.

A classroom, female teacher, young students with hands raised to answer question

Then there's Mrs Rani Kultar Singh who taught me history for a year. In all my student years, that was the only time that not just did history make sense, I loved it too. And she had an enthusiasm towards life and such knowledge of interesting trivia that we would be spellbound throughout the class.

As for my family, I know I take them for granted so very often. But my father's patience, my mother's discipline, my brother's faith, and my sister's love and selflessness, I wish I had.

What is expected of me is to choose one. It seems like not just a tough, but impossible task right now.

I am not giving up though. I continue to go down the memory lane, trying.

Three people on colourful folding chairs looking at skyline with hot air balloons
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My grandparents...
My grandfather is one person I know who has the best family-religion balance. No one else I know comes even close. I so admire that in him and wish I can have that.
My grandmother never whines about illness or loneliness or the many struggles she faced through life. She lost a young son and took care of another with Cerebral Palsy for almost 20 years. But there is a matter-of-fact acceptance and peace in her that has no equals.

When I think beyond the people I know personally, and there's JK Rowling and Oprah Winfrey, Sherlock Holmes and Rhett Butler (in my mind, the last two are people too), and many more.
Oprah Winfrey with microphone in hand
Silhouette of Sherlock Holmes with pipe and hat
Stack of hardcover Harry Potter books

Some people I aspire to be like. In case of others, I want to make the choices they have made (or wish I had made those choices).

I want the ability to laugh at myself that Khushwant Singh had, and I want to be comfortable and confident in my skin the way Barkha Dutt seems to be.

Barkha Dutt, Indian female journalist famous

Pencil sketch of Khushwant Singh, late Indian author

I want to be down-to-earth like some people and yet, want the grand life of certain others.

I sound a little crazy even to myself :)

I want the craziness and brazenness and adventurous spirit of Alice (of Wonderland).

Alice in Wonderland written on board of pink and purple hues

I don't want it all.
But I do want a lot. A lot of that 'lot' is impractical or impossible.

Two lines from a Ghazal sung by Jagjit Singh -

Dil To Ik Zid Pe Ada Hai Kissi Bache Ki Tarah
Ya To Sab Kuch Hi Ise Chahiye Ya Kuch Bhi Nahin
(My heart is adamant, like a child;
 It wants everything, else it wants nothing)

I am not giving up though. As of sign off, I am still thinking,
"Which Role Model can show me the way to all of it?"


In no way related to this serious blog I am writing, I came across this photo when searching for images to add to my words. And I can't resist putting it here.

Quote, dogs ultimate role model
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