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The Dilemma of a Role Model #MyRoleModel

Oxford Dictionary defines Role Model as "A person looked to by others as an example to by others as an example to be imitated".

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Now, I start racking my brains, thinking of past and present, real and reel and books... to come up with that one name, that one person, who I want to imitate... that one person I want to be like.

I had a teacher in middle school - Bhupinder Ma'am. Her sincerity and honesty and caring nature had me wanting to be like her. I admire her still, but I no longer see her through the eyes of a child. From the perspective of a grown-up, I cannot name her as my role model.

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Then there's Mrs Rani Kultar Singh who taught me history for a year. In all my student years, that was the only time that not just did history make sense, I loved it too. And she had an enthusiasm towards life and such knowledge of interesting trivia that we would be spellbound throughout the class.

As for my family, I know I take them for granted so very often. But my father's patience, my mother's discipline, my brother's faith, and my sister's love and selflessness, I wish I had.

What is expected of me is to choose one. It seems like not just a tough, but impossible task right now.

I am not giving up though. I continue to go down the memory lane, trying.

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My grandparents...
My grandfather is one person I know who has the best family-religion balance. No one else I know comes even close. I so admire that in him and wish I can have that.
My grandmother never whines about illness or loneliness or the many struggles she faced through life. She lost a young son and took care of another with Cerebral Palsy for almost 20 years. But there is a matter-of-fact acceptance and peace in her that has no equals.

When I think beyond the people I know personally, and there's JK Rowling and Oprah Winfrey, Sherlock Holmes and Rhett Butler (in my mind, the last two are people too), and many more.

Some people I aspire to be like. In case of others, I want to make the choices they have made (or wish I had made those choices).

I want the ability to laugh at myself that Khushwant Singh had, and I want to be comfortable and confident in my skin the way Barkha Dutt seems to be.



I want to be down to earth like some people and yet, want the grand life of certain others.

I sound a little crazy even to myself :)

I want the craziness and brazenness and adventurous spirit of Alice (of wonderland).


I don't want it all.
But I do want a lot. A lot of that 'lot' is impractical or impossible.

Two lines from a Ghazal sung by Jagjit Singh -

Dil To Ik Zid Pe Ada Hai Kissi Bache Ki Tarah
Ya To Sab Kuch Hi Ise Chahiye Ya Kuch Bhi Nahin
(My heart is adamant, like a child;
 It wants everything, else it wants nothing)

I am not giving up though. As of sign off, I am still thinking,
"Which Role Model can show me the way to all of it?"


In no way related to this serious blog I am writing, I came across this photo when searching for images to add to my words. And I can't resist putting it here.
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