Indore to Kota - Road Trip # 2

Continuing on our Road Trip from Mumbai to Delhi (the first stop was Indore), we leave from Indore on May 18, 2014 in the afternoon at 3:35 pm.

Indore to Kota - Road Trip
Indore to Kota - Road Trip
Around 4:20 pm, we enter the city of Ujjain, but the traffic is mild and we exit Ujjain onto a single road highway, after about 10 minutes.
Ujjain (Indore Kota - Road Trip)
Indore to Kota - Road Trip
This single road with a total of two lanes lasts for a while.

Indore to Kota - Road Trip

Indore to Kota - Road Trip

Indore to Kota - Road Trip
We pass many villages and small towns. One of them is named 'Ghatiya'. We even ask a person in 'Ghatiya' why it is named so, and just get a smile as an answer.
Indore to Kota - Road Trip

Indore to Kota - Road Trip

The road worsens about 10 km before Kota. We pass three points where only one vehicle can pass at one time and thus, traffic of one direction has to be stopped. One is because of some repair work going on, but other two, especially a single lane tunnel seem to be the only possible way.

As we enter Kota city at about 8:30 pm, it is already dark. As we check into our hotel, the receptionist assumes that we are there for our son's admission to some coaching classes. Although we knew that Kota is a hub for coaching for entrance exam of Engineering, we were not prepared for such assumptions, which we faced throughout our stay at this city of Forts and Palaces.

Toll Paid (Indore to Kota) on May 18, 2014

Distance from Indore City
Time (left from Indore at 3:35pm)
Description (if any)
Amount paid (INR)
5.2 km
3:45 pm
MR 10 – Indore
9.9 km
3:51 pm
SH 27 (for 49km)
61.9 km
4:37 pm
SH 27 (section 1 – Ujjain to Agar 60.50 km)
123.2 km
5:38 pm

201 km
6:44 pm



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  1. Looks like you're having quite an adventure. All the best. Nice pics.

    1. I had an adventure in the month of May, when summer vacations were on for kids. Now that school has started and I am back to the grind of routine, I have time to blog about those experiences.
      Special thanks for commenting...

    2. Yes, it has been an adventure... a road trip with kids can be a little difficult at times though. Thanks!

  2. Nice blog Nimi, keep up the good work :)

  3. Happy to find someone from indore...
    Nice clicks!!

    1. Hi Noopur, I am not from Indore, but I visited Indore in May. Now I am back to Mumbai. I really enjoyed my stay at Indore though.

  4. ooo road trip :) So lucky to be accompanying you.

    1. Thanks Kalpanaa. It was a good trip. I have quite a few more posts coming about this trip - look forward to your comments on that too :)


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