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Kota to Delhi - Road Trip # 3

After exploring Kota a little, we leave on May 20, 2014 at 11:02 am from Umed Bhawan Palace Hotel, to continue on our trip by road to Delhi.

Exiting from Kota, Rajasthan

Exiting from Kota, Rajasthan

Exiting from Kota, Rajasthan

Exiting the chaotic traffic of Kota, we come to a single road, with a total width of approximately 3 lanes. Soon we learn to expect sudden unexpected deep potholes.

Bumpty Ride (Kota Delhi Road Trip)

Bumpty Ride (Kota Delhi Road Trip)
Kota Delhi Road Trip

Kota Delhi Road Trip
This bumpy ride continue till a railway crossing, about 60km from Kota, after which the road is smoother.

Kota Delhi Road Trip
Kota Delhi Road Trip

We pass through a few small towns and villages. There are a few bad stretches of road, where work is going on, so hopefully there ray of hope of better roads close into future.

Kota Delhi Road Trip
Work in Progress (Kota Delhi Road Trip)
Work in Progress (Kota Delhi Road Trip)
Work in Progress (Kota Delhi Road Trip)
Kota Delhi Road Trip
Kota Delhi Road Trip
Kota Delhi Road Trip
Kota Delhi Road Trip

Around 3:00 pm, we are forced to take almost an hour's break, thanks to a punctured tyre. The positive thing is that we have just entered the city of Dausa and we get help changing the tyre. The not-so-positive thing is that there is not restaurant or dhaba nearby, so we can't make use of this half hour to freshen up or to eat something.

Soon after starting again, we stop at Pinki Restaurant, Dausa, but we just get some ice cream from there and leave again.

IceCream Stop @ Pinky Hotel, Dausa (Kota Delhi Road Trip)

IceCream Stop @ Pinky Hotel, Dausa (Kota Delhi Road Trip)

Philosophy from Pinky Hotel, Dausa (Kota Delhi Road Trip)

Philosophy from Pinky Hotel, Dausa (Kota Delhi Road Trip)

Final Stop at McDonald's Gurgaon...

After some traffic jams in Gurgaon and later on Ring Road in Delhi (Metro work is on again...), we finally reach Janak Puri in New Delhi at 8:30pm.

Toll paid on Kota to Delhi Road Trip -

Distance from Kota (km)
Time (Left Kota at 11:02am)
Description (if any)
Amount paid (INR)
11:30 am
Km 176 Gudla (Kota to Laban)
12:35 pm
Km 103 Indergarh except NH section (Laban to Sawai Madhopur)
1:36 pm
Km 39 Bhadoti Toll Plaza (Sawai Madhopur to Lahsut)
4:15 pm
Sikandra Toll Plaza (Plaza 1)
4:21 pm
Pichupara (Sikandra to Alwar)
5:43 pm
Alwar to Bhiwadi
7:48 pm
HCC Toll Plaza (Gurgaon)


A little colour from this route before signing off...

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