Seven Wonders Park, Kota

The seven wonders park in Kota has replicas of the seven wonders of the world.

Taj Mahal certainly got my attention - the main reason for that is that it is the only 'wonder' from India, but then I had never expected to see a Taj Mahal with a 'Nazar Battu' (an evil eye warder), as is seen in the pictures below.

Colosseum (Coliseum?)

Pyramids of Giza

Statue of (The?) Liberty.
The description uses the phrase 'it's assembly here in the United states' - a case of copying without using brains?

Leaning Tower of Pisa

Eiffel Tower

Christ, The Redeemer

The not-so-beautiful view on the right of the park. Reminds me of the Lake Palace of Udaipur... in a sad, disappointing way.

The beauty of the Seven Wonders Park, Kota as the sun sets and the lights are lit.

When we talked to a resident of Kota about this park, his opinion was, "It is made at the whim of someone, who had the power to spend a lot of money."
There are signs of ill-maintenance at many places in the park already, whether it is a loose tile on the path or a slightly rusted bench.
The park is certainly not advertised enough on the internet, and it was not on the to-visit-places list of our tour guide in Kota.
Hoping against hope for better maintenance of the Seven Wonders Park... till the next blog, I sign off :)


  1. all the seven wonders are at one place ? amazing

    1. Yes it is amazing. I have actually been to another place like this before - Window of the world in Shenzhen, China. It has many more famous structures.

  2. Good idea of 7wonders in one place..... Hoping for the betterment of the park!!

    1. Same here. Hope it is as good, if not better, whenever I next get to go there :)

  3. Maintenance?This park has on;y just opened,i wonder what the state will be after a couple of years.I can say this because i live in Kota--you are very observant Nimi.

    1. Thanks Indu. I try to be observant, when travelling, so that I have enough to write, and especially so that I have lots of photographs to share.
      I know the park has just opened, that is why it is more disappointing that small signs of lack of care are already showing.
      Hoping for the best. Since you live there, do tell me how the park is, whenever you visit it. :)


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