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The Stationery Story

I had seen the movie, Toy Story that evening. Lying in my bed, eyes closed, I was trying to imagine what my Toys' story would have been like. Idle thoughts, as I have no toys.

Suddenly, there was a strange whispering sound. The surprising thing was that I felt excitement rather than fear. Toy Story effect, I think.
I didn't move, pretending to be asleep.

As I concentrated I realized the whispering was an argument between my Stapler and Punching Machine. They were arguing about some election. My first thought was of the recent Lok Sabha elections. Were they discussing news?

No, they were discussing an election in which they were themselves candidates.

Curiouser and curiouser!

The two of them were in running for the post of the leader of Nimi's Stationery Pack.

As I heard their conversation, I understood that these two were the only candidates as they were the oldest and the most permanent fixtures among all my stationery items. Pens, pencils, erasers, sharpeners, markers, colours - all came and left soon enough. These two remained.

Punch wanted to wait another month. I had recently bought new sheets of paper for a project and it sounded like punch didn't like the idea of papers voting.

"Let's have election in a couple of weeks when the project is completed and most of papers' been used", Punch said.

"Why?", the Stapler asked innocently.

"You know why. They hate me. I make holes in them."

"So do I". The Stapler was trying to sound meek and failing miserably.

"Holes you make are very non-invasive. They heal fast. Me, I take a part of them, amputate them", Punching Machine emphasized.

One of my long-unused poster colours coughed and spoke in an old man's voice, "Why don't we give each paper half vote each as they are new and probably temporary?"

The papers mumbled about discrimination, but became quiet soon.

"Something's wrong" came a worried voice. I think it was the 30-inch scale that had been standing as a guard. "She's never still for so long when sleeping".

All suddenly went quiet.

I tried many times since then, pretending to sleep, so I could know who won the election. But I guess
my stationery knows and understands my sleep pattern and style too well.

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  1. Beautiful... you were witness to your stationery conversation, thats brilliant. But your stationery way too smart not to discuss everything when u are around. Smart post.

    1. Thanks a lot. I am delighted that you enjoyed reading this. Do keep visiting again!

  2. Smart set of stationery items you have! Good one Nimi :)

    1. Thanks Swathi... I am happy that you found my words good. Do keep coming back to read some more :)

  3. The papers hate the punch because it makes holes in them? They've got a point there. Haha! Clever stationery you have there! I woudn't want them.

    1. You are so right, Samik. After I wrote this piece, I also thought that had all this really happened, I wouldn't have been able to use the punch and the stapler... Thanks for taking the time to read and comment. Do keep coming back :)

  4. Nimi that's a super creative WoW post as an idea following the Lok Sabha which gripped the whole nation. A delight read and hope u voted fr ur fav!

    1. Thank Vishal. When I tried to think of inanimate objects talking, it reminded me of Toy Story. And elections has been on everybody's mind, anyway. So... :)


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