Another peek into Harry Potter's life

After years, JK Rowling has given us another peek into Harry Potter's life.

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Written as a gossip column in 'Daily Prophet' by the bug, Rita Skeeter - 'the bug' is what I always think of her as - it is posted on

Obviously written by Skeeter's Quick Quotes Quill, we get a gossipy glimpse of what is happening in Harry's and his friends' lives. Harry is 34 now with a few grey in his hair.

Some of what is written in this was known to Harry Potter fans before, as it has been mentioned by JK Rowling in some of her interviews, and interactions with her readers.

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The much-hated (and rightly so, I believe) journalist, Skeeter, speculates about problems in Harry's marriage and Ron's marriage too. She gossips about the next generation, brings up the supposed rivalry between Ron and Harry, and describes Hermoines as a cunning femme fatale.

We get to know about achievements of members of Dumbledore's Army, with Skeeter's comments thrown in. Obviously as Harry Potter readers, we know that anything negative said by 'the bug' has to be taken with a pinch of salt.

In the end, there's mention of "My new biography: Dumbledore's Army: The Dark Side of the Demob" to be released on July 31. Should we look forward to another dose of Harry Potter news on July 31?

About 1500 words by JK Rowling, and it feels like we know what is happening with Harry, Ron, Hermoine, Ginny, Luna, Neville, Krum and a few others. If we can't have another Harry Potter book, bring on these glimpses... it feels like reuniting with old friends, even though it's a quick get-together.

Dumbledore's Army Unites - By JK Rowling

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  1. This news has been all over the social media. I am a harry potter fan but I have only seen the movies. I plan to read the books in future and that is holding me back from reading this piece by Rowling right now ;)

    1. Hi Anmol, I have read the Harry Potter books and I have seen the movies too. Though the movies are good, you can't compare them to the books. The books are way better. Read the books and then read this latest write-up by JK Rowling - I am sure you will enjoy it :)


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