My list of smiles...

There are things in life that can add zest to my life at any moment. These things are the seemingly small things, at times taken for granted in the race of life. These things make me smile... they make me happy... they energize me...  
  1. Seeing my children happyThe smiles, the contentment on the faces of the kids is a confirmed stress-buster. Add to that they push you to do better, to put in more effort, and to leave a better place for them.
  2. A good bookAh... the pleasure of reading a good book. The wonder of knowing fictional characters, of feeling their pain, of laughing at their happiness. Living another life, knowing it inside out. And to admire the way the words weave a realistic nest of stories... As I said, the pleasure of reading a good book...
  3. Planning a vacationThe thoughts, the planning, the visualization of going on a holiday, of relaxing, of taking a break... the planning feels like a holiday in itself...
  4. Doing nothing... once in a whileThe choice to leave all the work, all the chores, to vegetate for a while. I love it... once in a while. It's like ignoring all that lies around, pause things and come back with full force again.
  5. Most importantly, faith in GodThe superior being, who loves us, cares for us, and does it all for a reason. Who listens to us, and we can hear him too, if we believe. Just the thought makes me smile.
    When Voltaire said, "If there were no God, it would have been necessary to invent him", he knew exactly what he was saying.

After all the serious contemplation, I sign off with a Haiku on Zest...

Zest with magic five -
Family Friends Holidays;
some Books and Solitude


  1. These things although seem to be too trivial can charge us up in our day today life

    1. It is truly the small things that give us security and enthusiasm to go out and face life... Thank you, always...


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