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Pain of Untimely Demise...

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Early death - reminds me of a beautiful poem my grandfather used to love, and recite.

The poem is about a young, blooming flower being plucked.

फूल की फरियाद 
(Phool Ki Faryad)
(Flower's Complaint)

क्या खता मेरी थी ज़ालिम
तूने क्यूँ तोड़ा मुझे
क्यूँ न सारी उम्र ही तक
शाख पे छोड़ा मुझे 
(Kya Khata Meri Thi Zaalim
Tune Kyun Toda Muje
Kyun Na Saari Umr Tak
Shaakh Pe Chhoda Muje)
(O Sadist, what was my fault?
Why didn't you leave me on the branch
to enjoy my entire life?)

जानता 'गर इस हँसी के 
दर्दनाक अंजाम को 
मैं ह्वा के गुद-गुदाने से 
न हँसता नाम को
(Jaanta 'gar Is Hansi Ke
Dardnaak Anjaam Ko
Main Hawa Ke Gud-Gudaane Se
Na Hansta Naam Ko)
(Had I known the painful outcome
of my happiness/beauty;
I wouldn't have pretended to be happy
when the wind had playfully tickled me)

शाख ने आगोश में 
किस लुत्फ से पाला मुझे 
तूने मलने की खातिर 
बस्तर पे ला डाला मुझे 
(Shaakh Ne Aagosh Mein
Kis Lutf Se Paala Mujhe
Tune Malne Ki Khatir
Bastar Pe La Daala Mujhe)
(The branch reared me in it's bosom
with such relish
You strew me on your bed
just to abrade me)

मेरी खुशबू से बसेगा 
बिछौना रात भर 
सुबह होगी तो मुझे तूँ 
फैंक देगा ख़ाक पर 
(Meri Khushboo Se Basega
Bichauna Raat Bhar
Subah Hogi To Muje Tu
Faink Dega Khaak Par)
(Your bed will imbibe my fragrance
throughout the night
In the morning though
you will throw me away like useless ash)

देख मेरी हालत 
बदल जाने पे है 
पत्ती-पत्ती हो चली
मुरझाने पे है 
(Dekh Meri Haalat
Badal Jaane Pe Hai
Patti-Patti Ho chali
Murjhane Pe Hai)
(Observe my condition
it's about to change
Each petal is going to

जिसकी रौनक था मैं 
बेरौनक वो डाली हो गई 
हैफ है बच्चे से 
माँ की गोद खाली हो गई
(Jiski Raunaq Tha Main
Beraunaq Woh Daali Ho Gayi
Haif Hai Bachche Se
Ma Ki God Khali Ho Gayi)
(I was the radiance of the branch;
it has become lackluster.
It's sorrowful - mother's lap is deprived
of her child)

तितलियाँ बेचैन होंगी 
जब न मुझको पायेंगी 
गम में भँवरे रोयेंगे 
बुलबुलें चिलायेंगीं 
(Titliyan Becahin Hongi
Jab Na Mujhko Payengi
Gam Mein Bhanware Royenge
Bulbulein Chilayengi)
(Butterflies will feel restless
to find me gone
Moth will cry dejected
Bulbuls will scream)

दीदा हैरां है 
क्यारी बागबां के दिल पे दाग 
शाख रोती है हाय-हाय 
गुल हुआ मेरा चराग 
(Deeda Hairan Hai
Kyari Bagban Ke Del Pe Daag
Shaakh Roti Hai Hai-Hai
Gul Hua Mera Charag)
(The gardener is upset
her heart smudged
The branch howls
My precious light is lost/dead)

मैं भी फानी तूँ भी फानी
सब हैं फानी दहर में 
मगर इक क़यामत है 
मरगे जवानी दहर में 
(Main Bhi Faani Tun Bhi Faani
Sab Hain Faani Dehar Mein
Magar Ik Qyaamat Hai
Marge Jawaani Dehar Mein)
(I am mortal, so are you;
All in this world are mortals;
The catastrophe is
the untimely death of youth)

शोख तूँ सुन ले 
समझ ले मान ले 
दिल किसी का तोड़ना 
अच्छा नहीं तूँ जान ले 
(Shokh Tun Sun Le
Samajh Le Maan Le
Dil Kissi Ka Todna
Achcha Nahin Tun Jaan Le)
(Shokh says, listen,
contemplate and agree;
it's unfortunate
to break someone's heart)

Excuse my very amateurish translation.

The poem is as was recited by my grandfather. There could be mistakes.

If there are any mistakes either in the poem or in the translation, I would appreciate if you mention so in the comments.

Please also comment if you like this blog :)

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  1. Replies
    1. Thanks. I find this poem haunting and beautiful...

  2. Hey a haunting poem beautifully weaved by ur grand father. It reverberates through the senses.

    1. Thanks Vishal. It is a beautiful poem by famous poet 'Shokh', loved by my grandfather. He is the one who introduced it to me :)

  3. When I was a kid and sometimes pluck a flower from its branch my father would tell me that listen flower is crying and singing this poem. I would feel very bad for the flower when my dad sings the poem and used to think that i would never pluck flowers


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