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Six Word Saturday... Ganesh Chaturthi

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Book Review - India Was One

Book: India Was One Author: An Indian (Anonymous) Genre: Fiction The book starts with the protagonist, Jai going through a lonely, dark, jungle kind of slightly-eerie place with a local guy. Once they reach a certain spot, Jai looks through binoculars, across a border at his wife. The two cannot cross the border - the border dividing North and South India. After a glimpse of this emotionally-charged, tense moment, the story goes into flashback and starts from the college days of Jai and Kaahi (Kahaani's nickname). Is Kahaani really a name, I wondered. So I googled it - it apparently is, but not a very common one. I had heard of 'Kavita' (means 'Poetry'), but never ,Kahaani' (means 'Story'). Surprisingly, no one in the book asks Kahaani about her name. Jai's family is from Karnataka, and Kaahi's from Gujarat, though both the families stay in Mumbai. I hail from North India. My first thought was - well, Guj

Lonely Evenings - poem

Nariman Point, Mumbai ( Image Source ) Lonely hearts gazing at the waves dark sea scary at least to me What peace do they get at Nariman point Doesn't the gaiety around make them feel worse As I stroll along as always with family may be I'm wrong do they choose to be alone? © Nimi Arora Prompt by and Shared with - Poets United

First week of school - a poem

Four days of waiting outside the classroom Having you come again and again Every time I said stay in there I kept repeating make friends Fifth day today you didn't come I am repeating I should be glad © Nimi Arora Prompt by and Shared with -  Poetry Jam

Heartfelt... Short Story

As they heard the news of Vivek's hospitalization, all eyes turned to Sophia. Some slyly, others openly. Sophia didn't seem to pause writing for even a moment. No one had expected anything different, as she was notorious as the 'heartless ice-queen'. Vivek had been trying to get Sophia to go out with him for weeks now. He had been wooing her with flowers and chocolates. She was never rude to him, but she didn't so much as smile at him either. As everyone got back to their work, disappointed that they'd not gotten a human reaction from her, Sophia stopped writing and closed her eyes, not changing her posture though. She didn't know what to feel. Vivek had been in an accident. It hurt. Vivek would die. Sophia thought death had taken all it could from her in this lifetime. Sophia had accepted a flower from Vivek, for the first time, the previous evening. They had talked for hours and she had told him why she was scared of emotional entanglements. She

Letter to a Harry Potter fan...

Letter from a mother to her son, who just joined boarding school. The son is a Harry Potter fan. Dear Son, Imagine you are at Hogwarts. So, you may come across a Snape who's rude but is actually trying to help you. And then there's Prof. McGonagall, a strict teacher, but if you follow the rules, your best guide. Prof. Dumbledore, to whom you may not talk much, but who's making sure you are okay (from afar). And maybe a Hagrid too. Certainly not a half-giant. But a teacher, a friend and little senseless... Give it time. And with God's grace, you will find great friends like Ron and Hermoine. Of course, there will be Draco Malfoy and Crabbe and Goyle too. But learn to ignore them. Harry Potter is a story. But so is life.You will find more good than bad. Harry didn't always have a happy life. He had his sad and difficult times, but he lived through them positively. So, do your studies as though you are learning magic. Because studies can do magic for

Waiting over - Five sentence fiction

She sat in the cafe, laptop on table in front of her. It looked as if she's engrossed in something on screen. As the waiter came from behind the counter, she looked slyly. Then back to her laptop screen. Just then her cappuccino was served... waiting over. © Nimi Arora Prompt by and Shared with - Five Sentence Fiction - Waiting

At home - short story

I can't sleep. I have to board a train to Goa early tomorrow morning. Is it excitement? I wish, I so wish for it to be excitement. I try to analyse what I am feeling... Restlessness, anxiety and even, fear. I am going with my college friends. I met them almost three years back on Day 1 of college. I, with my awkwardness and shyness, was dreading ragging from seniors. These friends of mine took me under their wing. All four of them were from the same school, and they had the confidence to get friendly with the seniors. The ragging phase was bypassed for them. And for me too. Though silent, I was accepted as a part of that group. And I was happy. After a long time, I felt I'd come home. My actual home doesn't feel like home. I live in a joint family with many aunts, uncles and cousins. But no parents - my parents passed away years back. I am told that I am lucky to have such a good family taking care of me. I hate being ungrateful, because I am taken care of.

Simply Thrilling - Book Review ('Private India' - Ashwin Sanghi & James Patterson)

Private India Authors: Ashwin Sanghi & James Patterson Genre: Fiction (Mystery/Thriller) Published by: Arrow Books No. of pages: 447 Cover price: Rs. 350 Murders in the city of Mumbai, clearly the work of a serial killer, are being investigated by Private India, a premium investigative agency. The head of Private India, Santosh Wagh is fighting his own private demons as he races against time to solve the murders, before the serial killer strikes again. As the murders are investigated, it becomes a complicated case, when the Rich and Famous, the Politically Powerful, a Gang Leader, a Godman and even Terrorists, all seem to be somehow involved. Santosh Wagh reminds me of Dr House. I guess the cane is the main reason. But there is also Santosh's addiction to alcohol, and Dr House's addiction to Vicodin. For me a book takes-off, when I am going back to reading it every available moment. In case of Private India, the take-off took

Book Review - Kingdom Come (Aarti V Raman)

Title: Kingdom Come Author: Aarti V Raman Genre: Fiction (Romance, Thriller) Published by: Harlequin India Pages: 311 Cover price: Rs 299 'Kingdom Come' by 'Aarti V Raman' is the story of Krivi and Ziya. Krivi Iyer is a former spy struggling with his painful past. His struggle with the pain and with self strikes a chord from the word go. Ziya Maarten, brought up in foster homes, has a successful career. She is a loving person, who continues to see the best in people. But for Krivi she's a person he has to spy upon as she's suspected to be the sister of The Woodpecker, a terrorist. Spying would be easy for Krivi had he not been for the attraction between the two. Then there's Ziya's friend, Noor, a bubbly yet intelligent girl. Noor's fiance, Sam is in the military. Theirs is an endearing and haunting love story in itself. Dada Akhtar, the owner of Goonj Business Enterprises, where Ziya works is another character

Six Word Saturday

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Why I still remember Chacha Chaudhary and Sabu with fondness

Chacha Chaudhary ( Image Source ) Chacha Chaudhary is a neighbourhood uncle who is wise and kind. Sabu is an alien from Jupiter - the first alien I ever knew. Long before E.T., and many other books and movies on aliens (some good, most bad), Sabu as Chacha Chaudhary's companion was lovingly and innocently accepted. Chacha Chaudhary's brain works faster than a computer. Computers have been becoming unbelievably faster over the years, and I believe Chacha Chaudhary's mind still works faster than a computer. Go figure... Source: Twitter The alien is over-sized, brawny sidekick of Chacha Chaudhary, who comes in when physical force is needed to fight the evil. But despite the height gradient between Chacha Chaudhary and Sabu, he always seemed to be normal, just a 'little' taller. Just as Chacha Chaudhary's brain is compared to a Computer, thanks to Sabu's brawn, 'Whenever Sabu gets angry, a volcano erupts in Jupiter'. Cartoonist Pra

Book Review - Once Upon a Crush (Kiran Manral)

Title: Once Upon A Crush Author: Kiran Manral Genre: Fiction (Romantic Comedy) Published by: Jufic Books, 2014 No. of pages: 224 Cover price: Rs. 195 The cover design of Once Upon a Crush  with slightly smudged heart and red-coloured lipstick, sets the mood for the fun, light-hearted pleasure that this book is. The red and gold cover is playful - the lipstick, the heart, the smudge and the colour. Rayna De is the main protagonist of Once Upon a Crush . She's independent, about to turn 30 and has not love life. Her parents are after her to get married. She has a crush on Deven Ahuja - Rayna compares him to Edward Cullen and Mr Darcy. Oh, and he has cheekbones comparable to Benedict Cumberbatch. The stage is thus set for the emotions and the insecurities of being attracted, of getting to know someone. The hesitation of not asking a question frankly, and then looking for answers in gestures and random statements. And especially our minds making mountai

Pleading Eyes - 55 word fiction

This post has been published by me as a part of the Blog-a-Ton 48 ; the forty-eighth edition of the online marathon of Bloggers; where we decide and we write. To be part of the next edition, visit and start following Blog-a-Ton .    His sister sat in her wheelchair, her eyes hopeful that he would change his decision to leave. He was the only one who could make her laugh. He kept mumbling to himself, regret nothing. That's what he believed in. Still he glanced back, gave her a pleading look, hoping she understood. His free life waited. Source The fellow Blog-a-Tonics who took part in this Blog-a-Ton and links to their respective posts can be checked here . To be part of the next edition, visit and start following Blog-a-Ton . Participation Count: 01 © Nimi Arora