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Book Review - Kingdom Come (Aarti V Raman)

Title: Kingdom Come
Author: Aarti V Raman
Genre: Fiction (Romance, Thriller)
Published by: Harlequin India
Pages: 311
Cover price: Rs 299

'Kingdom Come' by 'Aarti V Raman' is the story of Krivi and Ziya.
Krivi Iyer is a former spy struggling with his painful past. His struggle with the pain and with self strikes a chord from the word go.
Ziya Maarten, brought up in foster homes, has a successful career. She is a loving person, who continues to see the best in people.
But for Krivi she's a person he has to spy upon as she's suspected to be the sister of The Woodpecker, a terrorist. Spying would be easy for Krivi had he not been for the attraction between the two.

Then there's Ziya's friend, Noor, a bubbly yet intelligent girl. Noor's fiance, Sam is in the military. Theirs is an endearing and haunting love story in itself.

Dada Akhtar, the owner of Goonj Business Enterprises, where Ziya works is another character that leaves an impression.

So, although, it is a book of Romance genre, it's other characters also leave a mark.

'Kingdom Come' has Krivi and Ziya's endeavour to catch The Woodpecker (a terrorist) while struggling with their own feelings.
The character of the bad guy is not as deep, intense or well-etched as Frederick Forsyth's books. But then, Forsyth's books are not reading for relaxation. This one is.

The book takes the reader from Kashmir, Ladakh and Tibet to London and even Mexico.

The author's appreciation for the tranquil beauty of Kashmir is indicated in the acknowledgements. Through the book, the serenity of Kashmir, Ladakh and Tibet are described with loving detail. Not that the practical problems of the places are left out.
Ladakh is described as 'God himself lived in these hills' and also as 'home to some of the worst atrocities humanity had committed against itself'. The tranquility of these places does provide a contrast to the struggles that take place in this book.

The twist in the tale is vaguely reminiscent of a Sidney Sheldon novel I read long back.

The cover design of the book gives a glimpse of scenic beauty and a couple holding hands, but alert as if on a mission... just right. And then there is the explosion on one side...

The phrase 'Kingdom Come' means 'Until the end of time'.
Not only is it the perfect title for a romance, it works great to describe all the thrill and danger in the story.
One gets blown to Kingdom Come if a bomb explodes.
And loving forever is 'loving till Kingdom Come'.

'Kingdom Come' is a fast-paced thriller with raging emotions. The story, it's emotions kept me hooked.

©Nimi Arora

Click for Introspective Quotes from Kingdom come

About the Author:
Aarti V Raman lives in Mumbai, India and has a degree in mass media from Mumbai University. She has always dreamed of being either a romance writer or a lawyer and decided to pursue a writing career from a very early stage.
Aarti has already published a romantic thriller under the name Aarti V and has more works coming out in 2014. Her favourite dream of writing for Harlequin Mills and Boon has finally come true and she hopes to continue this fantastic relationship with many more love stories and fascinating characters.
Aarti loves to watch movies, TV series and read other romances and travel to different places in order to find a new hero and a new story.

I got this book in exchange of a review of the book - Write Tribe


  1. Liked the review, the best part you quoted some lines from the book, gives the readers what to expect before buying

  2. The way u reviewed this book makes me want to read this one .since even in light romantic books it's good to have different content.

    1. Very true. I am glad you liked the review. Hope you like the book too :)

  3. I enjoyed your review and the book seems great fro a light read.Thanks for a wonderful review.:)

    1. Thanks Kokila. A pleasure that you read it and commented... Do tell me if you read the book :)


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