Heartfelt... Short Story

As they heard the news of Vivek's hospitalization, all eyes turned to Sophia. Some slyly, others openly. Sophia didn't seem to pause writing for even a moment.
No one had expected anything different, as she was notorious as the 'heartless ice-queen'.

Vivek had been trying to get Sophia to go out with him for weeks now. He had been wooing her with flowers and chocolates.
She was never rude to him, but she didn't so much as smile at him either.

As everyone got back to their work, disappointed that they'd not gotten a human reaction from her, Sophia stopped writing and closed her eyes, not changing her posture though. She didn't know what to feel. Vivek had been in an accident. It hurt. Vivek would die.

Sophia thought death had taken all it could from her in this lifetime.
Sophia had accepted a flower from Vivek, for the first time, the previous evening. They had talked for hours and she had told him why she was scared of emotional entanglements. She had started dreaming of the future.

Sophia didn't believe in superstitions, despite everything. Now she was thinking that maybe she should have been superstitious. May be she should have stayed away from him.

Just then, her phone vibrated with an unknown number on display.
Sophia ignored it. It rang again.

As she accepted the call, a voice whispered, "Hey. You won't believe what happened today. What an adventure! Why are you so quiet? I can't talk loudly. It's me, Vivek... at a hospital."

© Nimi Arora

This is written in response to Three Word Wednesday prompt. The three words given in the prompt are - Entanglement, Death, Heartless


  1. Replies
    1. So true, Richa... actually, as a rule, I prefer happy endings :)

  2. Sometimes its hard to be open about one's feelings and happy endings are my favourite too.

    1. I am happy I could give a happy ending for once, even though it's only in fiction :)

  3. Unrequited love is usually tough, and so it's interesting how people put up their defenses for not having someone respond to them the way they want them to.


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