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Heritage - a poem

The glue that holds together with resilience of wisdom Forever present - the heritage The old not appreciated always the invaluable antiques Forever new - the heritage Infused in tradition open to new with roots in time Forever cool - the heritage The celebration of what was The beauty of what is Forever joyful - the heritage © Nimi Arora Prompt by and Shared with - Poets United

Clouds... and life (poem)

Image Source Collecting drops reminiscent of ants Spreading the smiles with their tears Drifting together yet strangers Sad and lonely crying their pain Temporary, ever-changing Colors and shapes just a mask - Clouds... and life © Nimi Arora Prompt by and Shared with - Poetry Jam

Digs galore... Book Review - Digs, Dogs and Drama (Rachna Singh)

Book: Digs, Dogs and Drama Author: Rachna Singh Genre: Fiction (Humour) Published by: White Tarantula Digs, Dogs and Drama (DDD) is a compilation of satirical writings about various day-to-day experiences. There's a total of 46 chapters, each narrating independent anecdotes, and can be read in any order. DDD is about looking at world with 'humour-colored' glasses. The final write-up gives you a comical view of various routine things, like ordering a cake or a hotel stay and even bollywood movies. The fun starts from the word go, when the author starts with this disclaimer - "No animals or editors were harmed in the writing of this book!" Most of the anecdotes are very good, a few average. All in all, a good read. My personal favourite in DDD is the 'guide to Bangalore'. The flip side is that some portions read as if the author is trying too hard to make them funny. Also, there's the question whether one can get offended

Book Review - The Black Cane (Eileen Harris)

Book: The Black Cane (Dowager Diaries: Book 1) Author: Eileen Harris Genre: Fiction (Mystery) No. of pages: 336 66 year old, Amelia Armstrong, a widow, is living a life of leisure. Her weekly bridge game at a restaurant, with a group of friends of similar age group, is her only source of amusement. Her curiosity over a snuffling sound that she hears from a dark alley, changes the course of her life, and also the life of her friends. She rescues a kidnapped boy, Marc. As the friends and a few friends of these friends, come together to solve the mystery of Marc's past, their lives take unexpected, exciting turn. If the women are going to save the boy and stay alive, they are going to have to use skills that have been dormant way too long. Amelia carries a ruby-studded, eye-catching black cane. The cane was the last gift from her husband and she carries it even though she doesn't really need it. When giving it to her, he had said, "This is for you. I may