Digs galore... Book Review - Digs, Dogs and Drama (Rachna Singh)

Book: Digs, Dogs and Drama
Author: Rachna Singh
Genre: Fiction (Humour)
Published by: White Tarantula

Digs, Dogs and Drama (DDD) is a compilation of satirical writings about various day-to-day experiences. There's a total of 46 chapters, each narrating independent anecdotes, and can be read in any order.

DDD is about looking at world with 'humour-colored' glasses. The final write-up gives you a comical view of various routine things, like ordering a cake or a hotel stay and even bollywood movies.

The fun starts from the word go, when the author starts with this disclaimer -
"No animals or editors were harmed in the writing of this book!"

Most of the anecdotes are very good, a few average. All in all, a good read.
My personal favourite in DDD is the 'guide to Bangalore'.

The flip side is that some portions read as if the author is trying too hard to make them funny.
Also, there's the question whether one can get offended with such 'harmless' humour. I think, yes. I like to believe that I don't take myself too seriously, but a couple of things in this book made me a little uncomfortable. I could smile, let it go and read on.
DDD takes digs at caricatures of stereotypes.

A few interesting quotes from Digs, Dogs and Drama -

  • 'Flat belly' is an oxymoron. If God intended it to be flat, he would have given us a board, not a belly.
  • The word 'sneakers' means that it should allow you to sneak some bare essential stuff into the gym. Do check if the pair you are buying has enough space for a bar of chocolate.
  • ...men don't really NOTICE things that are unsaid, simply insinuated or hinted. And women live with a mission of sensitizing them to NOTICE things.
  • Amusement parks are places which have several fun rides that last for thirty seconds to two minutes each, with waiting times that, sometimes, exceed the time you took to deliver the same child who is the reason for you being there.

In the acknowledgements, the author writes about a reader of her previous book, looking for a 'message' in her writings, and being disappointed. She writes "The DDD series is about putting a smile on your faces: if you are looking for something with deep, meaningful message, they may not work for you."
I say, there is more than one purpose to this book and I'm assuming that holds true for the author's previous books too.
The first is entertainment. It makes you smile and thus entertains you... do you need to look for a moral then?
The second is that it inspires you to look at life, and what life offers you, with humour.

DDD is great for amusing, light reading.
Read this book, if you are capable of taking jokes with, not just a pinch of salt, but rather a handful of it. Or read it, if you want to develop that ability and have fun while doing so.

Connect with the author of Digs, Dogs and Drama, Rachna Singh on her websiteFacebook and Twitter.
Digs, Dogs and Drama' is reviewed by me as part of Write Tribe's Books for Review Programme.


  1. That is a fine review of the book that has thrown enough hints about it's intentions in the title; your measured words and quotes form the source confirm it.

  2. That was a fine review. the book is comical no its humourous

    1. Yes, it is. Glad that you agree with the review :)

  3. It seems hilarious ... and to not to have a moral and write for the sake of contentment and humour ,seems quite moral in today's times.. when one smile is a prelude to four tears and ten frowns ...
    Loved the Amusement park line... so much that I want to actually meet the author !

    1. It is a great book to relax an smile...
      I love the fact that the next comment is by the author herself :)
      Thanks for reading and commenting, Kokila...

  4. Thanks Nimi for a beautiful review. I am touched by your friends' comments too. Do pick Digs, Dogs and Drama, and the previous one Dating, Diapers and Denial if you like reading humour.

    1. I am honoured that you read the review, liked it and commented too...
      I do plan to read DDD 1 :) Will write about it too, once I read it.


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