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Cycle of life - Flash Fiction

The cycle of life, a convenient excuse, he thought, staring out the window, frowning. The big fake window of the hotel room that he couldn't open, he thought gratefully. Grateful because he knew what he'd have done had the window opened. High up on the 15th floor, he stared down, seeing a bloody, withered, liberated version of himself. As his family returned, dripping with the swimming pool water. The cycle of life, he smiled to himself, closing his wallet and with it the memories. © Nimi Arora

Rhyming vacations... Memories

My family and I enjoy long Road Trips. There have been trips to Agra, Jaipur, Amritsar, Mussourie and many other places from Delhi. Later the long Road Trips became longer as we even drove to Mumbai from Delhi, and back a few times. It is easy for me to boast about how enjoyable all these trips were, now that both my kids are grown up enough to savour the experience. Travelling with kids is never easy. These long drives presented us with the challenge of making sure that the kids have fun, within the limitations of sitting in the car for long periods of time. I remember a Road Trip when my son was around five years of age. The cramped space of the car would make him cranky and impatient. I would try to figure out ways to keep him occupied and also have him interested in the surroundings. The rhyme ‘Old McDonalds had a farm’ was a favourite of his from school. So we would start singing it, enjoying the different sounds that are a part of the popular nursery rhyme.

Healthy Child, Happy Home - poem

It is silent yet not peaceful as she gazes at the sleeping child She watches not admiring as she usually would rather with worried eyes The disquiet quiet surrounding the house needs his energy to have cheer back 'Do something Mummy' he moans in pain Her helplessness an ache within As he heals the bliss returns His health encompassing the home with happiness When I think of health, what do I think of… Health is Happiness… As I mother, one of my first thoughts is what I wrote the above lines about. When kids are unwell, the very vibe around the house changes. ‘How peaceful’ – a oft-repeated comment by grown-ups when admiring a sleeping child. But it is not the same when the child is sick and is in a restless slumber… then the comments, if any, are about the lack of energy and cheer is the environment and ‘Get Well Soon’ prayers for the child. Prevention is better than cure… Growing up in Delhi, the winters were

The silent war - poem

image credit:  Dick Blick Art Head bowed he fought silent and stubborn With belief he argued quiet and tenacious Forever alone he attacked softly and with love © Nimi Arora Shared with Magpie Tales