Cycle of life - Flash Fiction

The cycle of life, a convenient excuse, he thought, staring out the window, frowning.

The big fake window of the hotel room that he couldn't open, he thought gratefully.

Grateful because he knew what he'd have done had the window opened.

High up on the 15th floor, he stared down, seeing a bloody, withered, liberated version of himself.

As his family returned, dripping with the swimming pool water.

The cycle of life, he smiled to himself, closing his wallet and with it the memories.


  1. What a way to express a person's dilemma.well done.

  2. Nimi, tagged you in "My College Diary Contest"

    1. Thanks for visiting and thanks for tagging me...
      I couldn't participate in the contest, but I did get to read some good write-ups :)

  3. Such a well worded post.. few words saying it all ..

    1. Thanks, Kokila... That's the beauty of flash fiction. I love the concept, but at times, it is difficult to find the exact words to convey a lot in few words...
      As I always say, I try :)


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