Share the load... Laundry - a woman's job?

An exasperated wife asked this question –
“My husband is a great guy – caring and sensitive. He loves me.
When both of us return home from the office at the end of the day, he relaxes and watches TV. I do all the household chores.
If there’s dinner to be made, he may help a little in the actual cooking. But no help in cleaning the table and kitchen later.
Other than that, the rest of the work is my responsibility, whether I do it myself or get it done from the maid servant.
That is insensitive. Where does my sensitive husband disappear where domestic chores are concerned?”

I remember reading this, don’t remember where. But the answer (not the exact words obviously) have stayed with me.

The answer was something like –
“If we see something every day, we end up not noticing it. More often than not, we are not consciously aware of its presence.
So the wife rushing around the house getting everything done, while the husband relaxes, can be explained the same way.
He just takes that routine for granted.”

Am I convinced with the answer? I am not sure.

Another explanation is that, because the men have seen their mothers doing all the household chores, this notion is ingrained in them.

An argument to that is that most of these men wouldn’t have seen their mothers going out of the home to work, hold responsible jobs and earn well.

Even as I write this, it feels wrong to paint the whole of the male gender with the same brush. But then the statistics speak for themselves.

I know men who do help in household chores, including doing laundry. They do help, but it is primarily the females’ job to ensure the work is done.

In the movie, She-Devil the husband is having an affair with a glamorous, rich, successful author (played by Meryl Streep). The husband moves out and goes to stay with his girlfriend. To get back at the two of them, the wife sends her two children to stay with their father at the author’s home.
What follows is the hilarious events, where the author's girlfriend takes care of the kids.
She ends up writing a whole chapter on doing laundry in her new romance novel.
Hilarious? Seen from the point of view of this blog's topic, not really...

A new ad campaign comes to my mind – ‘Start with the boys’. The ad is in a very different context.
But wouldn’t it work here too?
Teach the sons that household chores are as much their responsibility as their sisters’.

As simple as that… may be not, but I can hope for it to be!


  1. Hey Nimi ... great post .. Thankfully, I have a husband who don't feels ANYTHING to be defined as ladies work (or vice-versa) even when i am taking a break from my job ... but its my son who MUST inherit this trait from us as from society (unintentionally) a stereotype forms ...
    i too hope to break all the myths and bask in facts only :)
    have a great day ...

    1. Times have changed, Kokila. But not enough and not everywhere. That's why we have to try to inculcate the right beliefs in the next generation...
      Thanks again!

  2. Thought provoking post. This post screams at me and says - stop blogging now and go help her washing clothes :)

    1. :)
      Mission successful, I say to myself, Ajay...

  3. I am a bit different, Laundry is my job.
    I guess times are changing and soon men would be involved a lot in household work.

    1. Hat's off to you, Alok...
      Times are changing, I agree, but not fast enough in certain aspects.
      Thanks a lot for the comment and welcome to my blog :)


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