My memories... of pimples...

There are good memories, and there are bad ones. And then there are those which feel like mishap averted.

It is something to smile over now, when I look at my engagement pics. But back then it had caused quite a bit of tension... There is a small black mole / black dot, or more delicately put, a beauty spot on my cheek. A fake one. It was actually a pimple camouflaged.

I have oily skin, and pimples come and go. My way of dealing with them is to simply use face wash and face cream meant for my oil-soaked dermis.

Usually, it keeps the pimples in check. An odd one does pop up once in a while, and I don't let it matter.

With my own engagement celebrations coming up though, this one lone eruption became a major issue. My beautician tried a few treatments in her effort to make it disappear. She claimed that it her expertise that made the pimple rather inconspicuous. Inconspicuous, yes. But it would still be there one my face on the day, when I'd be the centre of attention and tons (at least, it feels like tons) of my pictures will be clicked.

That is where the 'cheeky' beauty spot came to the rescue.

It was clearly not something that was new to the beautician. As she decked me with various products, she told me the many stories of how she had transformed many a nasty pimple to a beauty spot, which also wards of the evil eye on the special day.

The presence of that one pimple has made a place for itself as an important event in the story of my life.

As I said before, pimples off and on, are a way of life for me. It doesn't usually affect me.

Another such time was rather recently when I got a facial done from a new beauty parlour. Despite my telling her otherwise, she used an oil-based cream. For over a month after that, my face was home to a cluster of pimples... painful ones too.

I tried to let them be, hoping they would disappear soon. Ended up going to a dermatologist and the whole shebang to get rid of them.

By hit and trial, I have come to the conclusion that the use of prevention is better than cure, even where pimples are concerned. Cures come after pain, emotional and otherwise. Prevention is so much better.


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