The Wall of Feelings...

What all I have seen
How do I say
Days of horses and wagons
Always hurrying away
Handsome riders, cunning ministers
And their power play
Forces returning victorious
From battles savage

Shy eyes glancing
From behind the blinds
Midnight strolls
As the stars shined
Romance emanating
Among fragrant grounds
Music echoing
Such beautiful sounds

The grandeur gone, glory faded
How should I explain
Here, there, everywhere I see
Crowds, I am pained
They are here to appreciate history
Or so they claim
They are so indifferent
Towards their own domain

I am modern
I console myself
After all I have tattoos
More than anyone else
They come and brand me
Then bid farewell
I stand testimony, they say
Their bond is eternal

The red blots
Are here to stay
The red splashes
Are here to stay
They spit on me
And then rush away
I remember days
Of pamper and care
The blots on my history
Forever on display
I so miss
My glorious days

My rear has seen
Even Worse sights
Of pees and poos
Its difficult to apprise
Fragrant strolls have
Given way to stinky nights
The moonlight strolls
Forgotten times

I see the empty bin
From afar
I try to smile at
Stuff littered at my feet
They come from miles away
To see my ‘beauty’
Supposedly they
Appreciate their past
Can’t walk a few steps
To bin the trash

The bin is good-natured kid
He smiles at surrounding litter
My exasperation makes him smile too
Comments, I am too old, too bitter
It is the way of these times
No one cares what it looks like

Over the years
The clothes have transformed
The way they talk
The behavior has evolved
Over the years
The style has waned
From holding hands,
Intimacy has changed

Why didn’t they learn
To care some more
They'll be responsible
For future's doom 
Their ancestors left
Such beautiful sights
Can’t they strive to
Make tomorrow bright

I reminisce the days
When regard was there
The times have changed
Is not a passing phrase
These cruel beings
Why don’t they stay away
Or is it possible that
They would change their ways

I have stood here
For centuries tall
Seeing things change
And tolerating a lot
The good and bad
I bore it all
Waiting that things will improve
After all

The lost legacy will
Be gained again
I will again
Smile and grin
What hurts me more
Is the indifference though
I have withstood centuries
Wish I could pass on too

I was a Palace Wall
I was a Monument
I am a Heritage Structure
I am Carved and Stained
And Dirty and Ashamed

I am a Fort… Am I defeated now?

May be not... Things may change


  1. No No certainly not.. don't loose heart O, dear fort... they who ill-treat you are pathetically small ..and you are majestic, regal despite it all :)
    loved it Nimi :)

    1. Oh dear, you do feel really bad for the neglected, badly-treated fort :)
      Thanks Kokila, you are a sweetheart...

  2. As a ten year old girl, I had the opportunity of visiting many a governmental premises in Pune, Maharashtra (usually accompanying my Father, who is a government officer) that housed various offices, some were residential premises as well. Most of these buildings were multi-storeyed and lifts were not so common a feature back then. Climbing the stairs to reach ones destination was the only way out.
    Interestingly, the corner walls at every new floor of such premises, always displayed "THANKU NAYE" (Translated in MARATHI it means -DO NOT GET TIRED) in bold red, along with dirty spit stains decorating the sides.
    As a child, I was often exasperated as to how one could avoid getting tired after climbing so many stairs!!! Also I was left wondering how the aged could follow such a diktat.
    Finally, my curiosity got the better of me and I summoned enough courage to ask an acquaintance, a very SeniorGovernment Officer, as to why don't I have the liberty of getting tired after climbing so many stairs? Curious, he asked me the reason behind my query.
    When I showed him the sign on the wall - "All he could say, with barely controlled laughter was - My dear child, that sign is "THUNKU NAYE (Translated in MARATHI it means - DO NOT SPIT)....."
    The spit stains had very neatly managed to clean off the essential "uuu ki matra!!!"

    1. More often than not, when I am climbing stairs of such buildings with my kids, I keep instructing them not to touch the walls.
      It is a sad reality. I am just happy that it is being talked about now and that too rather aggressively.

      Thanks, Mohita... for reading and for commenting :)


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