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Pampered and Radiant...

Pamper Some More ( Image Source ) Dusk has come Moon is winking Time has come For slumber now My little darling Is charmingly active The effort starts To put him to sleep Summer Days Call for a bath Winter ones Just a change of clothes Before putting on Soft, comfy night clothes It is important to Pamper him right To keep him Dry and comfortable Through the long night As I said, dress him right I have been advised By quite a few That diapers may not Be the right choice though I know from experience Being mother of two Diapers help them sleep well And be healthy too Sleeping for him Is not just rest His brain is working To explore some more My sound sleep Thanks to his Is just a bonus, I say With a smiling face Now that he’s dressed The way he should be For a night of dreams - Restful and beautiful We spend some time- My husband and I Having fun with him – Our darling baby We

Dream On... #BefikarUmarBhar

Befikar means 'worry free' Umar Bhar means 'for life' #BefikarUmarBhar - #NoWorriesEver The bucket kicked with the last breath So much left undone at the time of death Time is cruel, I say, the clock stops for none. Your perspective’s wrong, it says, make every second immense Precious moments spent doing this and that Years gone by, life flies past Working always for time to come Future takes away today’s moments Is there a way out from it all When every waking moment Duty calls If life were stressfree If I lived #BefikarUmarBhar What all would I do What would I prefer Not passing the buck to all the responsibilities What would find place on my bucket list The first up would be a meditation retreat The peace and awakening needed for the initial kick Discovering self in the tranquil environs Praying and musing and smiling reflections Going back to studying is the Number two here A creative writing co


being alone a crowd of strangers surreal silence striking silence thoughts start pouring in solitary racket © Nimi Arora Prompt by and Shared with - Poetry Jam - 'Silence' Shared with - WriteTribe ProBlogger Challenge

Haldi Kumkum

My first experience of Haldi Kumkum ... Haldi Kumkum It was organized by 4-5 ladies from our residential complex. All the organizers were Maharashtrians, Haldi Kumkum being primarily a festival celebrated in Maharashtra (to the best of my knowledge, that is). It is a ceremony only for married females. Haldi Kumkum Haldi Kumkum Haldi (Turmeric Powder) and Kumkum (Vermilion Powder) was ready in exquisite, shiny, small plates, along with Itr (Perfume) and Sweets. Each of us got a teeka of Haldi and Kumkum on our foreheads and returned the favour too. I was actually reminded of Holi... Next was a dash of Itr on the back of right hand. Til Ladoos were served.  Everyone was dressed in colourful, traditional clothes, mostly Saris. When I first saw everyone wearing their formal best, with jewellery and make-up, I realised the significance of this custom. I find the Maharashtrian nose ring (Guchhedar Nath) especially graceful. The eveni

Seconds Away from Happiness... (Book Review: 32 Seconds - Johanna K. Pitcairn)

Title : 32 Seconds Author: Johanna K. Pitcairn Johanna K. Pitcairn's 32 Seconds is the story of quick-tempered seventeen year old, Julie Jones. Julie is a girl, who seems to 'have it all' at the first glance. The first impression may see her as a pampered daughter of a rich father. 'Call me stupid. I preferred "willfull"' These are Julie's thoughts. As 32 Seconds opens, it seems to be a story of a 'Poor rich girl'. As the story unfolds further, it reveals itself to be the journey through the maze of past and present, as Julie comes to terms with her real-self. As the surface is scratched on Julie's persona, what is unveiled is the actual Julie that no one seems to have known. Her insecurities, addictions and secrets have all been cloaked by the mask of comparative normalcy. Cloaked, not just for others, but at times for Julie herself too. Julie is lead on a path of self-discovery and self-acceptance when