Dream On... #BefikarUmarBhar

Befikar means 'worry free'
Umar Bhar means 'for life'
#BefikarUmarBhar - #NoWorriesEver

The bucket kicked
with the last breath
So much left undone
at the time of death

Time is cruel, I say,
the clock stops for none.
Your perspective’s wrong, it says,
make every second immense

Precious moments spent
doing this and that
Years gone by,
life flies past

Working always for
time to come
Future takes away
today’s moments

Is there a way out
from it all
When every waking moment
Duty calls

If life were stressfree
If I lived #BefikarUmarBhar
What all would I do
What would I prefer

Not passing the buck
to all the responsibilities
What would find place
on my bucket list

The first up would be
a meditation retreat
The peace and awakening
needed for the initial kick

Discovering self
in the tranquil environs
Praying and musing
and smiling reflections

Going back to studying
is the Number two here
A creative writing course
to brush up my words

Study some more I will
I think I would love
M.A. in Sikh Studies
from Patiala University

The time needed
to study full-time
Is only possible
When stress is none

I dream again
of #BefikarUmarBhar
It’s a beautiful dream
Second to none

Third on my list
is writing and reading
Shouldn’t it be higher on my list
I wonder, a little sheepish

I need the retreat
to let go of the stress
The studies can go along
with reading and writing

Write… a lot
every single day
Read… even more
really push the envelope

A published novel
of my own -
just an extension
of the second point

Write more and
make this dream come true
of seeing my name
printed on a book cover

Painting with confidence
finds the fourth place
The most improbable wish
for me, for sure

Can I even draw
to save my life
The answer would be no
if you ask me now

I so want to be able
to decorate a canvas
Bright colours, beautiful figures
I want it all

Landscapes from my camera
now on the canvas
Impressions of my memories
Expressed through brushes

A retreat taken
knowledge brushed up
Writing a lot, so
a book published

Reading, writing,
painting, studying…
this list is good
I still have one to go

The fifth and last
is back to respite
A haven on ocean
a world cruise

Long breaks at every stop
enjoying the world
Experiencing each place
at leisurely pace

Whole family together
On a long cruise
What can be better
for the family too

The list could be endless
But my priorities are clear
I have made place
For the top five here

Dreams are needed
only then would they come true
None of it is impossible
Dreams do come true

There's more to life
than doing your job
Find ways to do escape
the same old cast

The expectation to
to the line
Extend the limits
Draw new lines

The more I say
The more I believe
Dream on, when they say
Believe some more

There are ways to be
Weave a few hopes
Wish they'll come true


  1. Such a beautiful ode to your life.
    I really liked when you said can i paint to save my life. Trust me, i'm with you on this!!
    Future takes away today’s moments"" is really a true story!
    You wrote really well.

    1. Thanks again, Lancelot. Just replied to another comment by you, thus the 'again' :)
      I am happy to see that you liked my Dream List.
      Painting seems to be such an unattainable dream, but now that I am writing more regularly, I want to paint too... I will at least give it a try...


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