Haldi Kumkum

My first experience of Haldi Kumkum...

Haldi Kumkum

It was organized by 4-5 ladies from our residential complex. All the organizers were Maharashtrians, Haldi Kumkum being primarily a festival celebrated in Maharashtra (to the best of my knowledge, that is). It is a ceremony only for married females.

Haldi Kumkum

Haldi Kumkum

Haldi (Turmeric Powder) and Kumkum (Vermilion Powder) was ready in exquisite, shiny, small plates, along with Itr (Perfume) and Sweets.
Each of us got a teeka of Haldi and Kumkum on our foreheads and returned the favour too. I was actually reminded of Holi... Next was a dash of Itr on the back of right hand. Til Ladoos were served. 

Everyone was dressed in colourful, traditional clothes, mostly Saris. When I first saw everyone wearing their formal best, with jewellery and make-up, I realised the significance of this custom.
I find the Maharashtrian nose ring (Guchhedar Nath) especially graceful.

The evening ended with bhajias and gulab jamum, some Antakshari and a little impromptu dancing to Marathi folk songs.
Each of us got a return gift too.

Haldi Kumkum... Celebration of Marital Bliss.


  1. It is a beautiful tradition indeed! Very nice pictures. Thanks for adding your link.

  2. Sweet tradition. Good pictures. Could have added a picture of all the people present on the day! But it's ok... :)


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