Pampered and Radiant...

Pamper Some More (Image Source)
Dusk has come
Moon is winking
Time has come
For slumber now

My little darling
Is charmingly active
The effort starts
To put him to sleep

Summer Days
Call for a bath
Winter ones
Just a change of clothes

Before putting on
Soft, comfy night clothes
It is important to
Pamper him right

To keep him
Dry and comfortable
Through the long night
As I said, dress him right

I have been advised
By quite a few
That diapers may not
Be the right choice though

I know from experience
Being mother of two
Diapers help them sleep well
And be healthy too

Sleeping for him
Is not just rest
His brain is working
To explore some more

My sound sleep
Thanks to his
Is just a bonus, I say
With a smiling face

Now that he’s dressed
The way he should be
For a night of dreams -
Restful and beautiful

We spend some time-
My husband and I
Having fun with him –
Our darling baby

We talk to him
We tickle him
We bounce him a little
And then some more

There’s baby talk
And giggling in the air
Life is good, I think,
With silent, grateful prayers

Fun and frolic
Tires him a little
He is ready
For a story still

I enjoy discovering
With my little one
The world of fairies
And some good demons too

I have explored with my child
 Dr Seuss and Roald Dahl
Both of which I never knew
In my young days, alas

Together the two of us
Have slayed a few dragons
Each fairy tale is a
Personal mission

Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella
Are happy today
Thanks to the fun efforts
Of my little one and I

We enjoy bagheera
And mowgli’s adventures
And growl and giggle
When Sher Khan comes

Family Fun time
A little reading too
My precious darling
Is relaxed in his bed now

A little prayer of thanks
We say now
Thanking Almighty for
The wonderful times

I hum lullabies
While patting his back
His eyes still struggle
To be open though

I smile at his effort
To be awake for more fun
It’s good to see him happy
And contented too

My arm is his pillow
That’s his way
I love letting him
Cuddle closely

Once he’s asleep
It’s not easy though
Without disturbing my angel
To pull out the arm now

That done now
The little one asleep
I still lay there
For a few minutes still

Enjoying the silence
Of happiness and smiles
What lingers on is
The delight in the air

Pampered and radiant
My little one sleeps
His lashes flutter a little
He’s dreaming, I feel

The tiny lips
Curve  into a smile
I can sit here all night
Watching him rest

I wrote this one in response to a blogging event to promote a certain diaper brand, which is obvious :)
The thing is that on re-reading it a few years after I wrote it, I am kind of impressed of the way I merged my poetry into the diapery needs...


  1. I,as a mother totally connected with this one.

    1. I am glad that you liked my words, Davinder... a pleasure to be on the same page, as always :)


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