Heal the world... the new way

'Papa ho ya mamma ho,
Ya Mamma ki amma ho,
sabko hum sikhayenge,
bijli hum bachayenge...'

I love this advertisement about children taking pledge to 'Save Electricity'. They are ready to take on their parents and grandparents and teach them, if need be, to stop wasteful consumption of electricity.
For me, this advertisement has humour and subtle disdain for the 'wisdom' of the the grown-ups. It is about the kids, as leaders, paving way for a 'brighter' future.

Every generation loves to be wistful about 'Good Old Days' and claim that the next generation is going downhill.

I attended Annual Day at my son's school recently.
There was dance and music (both classical and western) and there were skits about loving and hating the school. There was an impressive presentation on Saving Environment. And there was a sensitive and moving performance on rape.

There was fun and frolic, there was humour and satire... there was depth and maturity too.
We were told that it had mainly been the students who had conceptualized and executed the whole show.
When I look at these kids, it is awe-inspiring. They can shoulder the responsibility of the days to come.

It felt good to see the youngsters balancing the harsh realities of life with the fun of it. It is heartening to see their unapologetic, yet sensitive, portray of their beliefs.

It is funny, when it is not exasperating, to see the old generation think that the younger generation is going to the dogs.
Two brothers are in conflict and a wise voice claims, "These days ('Aaj Kal') there is no patience and family values in the new generation."

"O...kay", I say, "Remember Mahabharata...?"

'Good Old Days' - this phrase could be the reason behind the pessimistic view towards the future that some hold. We do choose to remember the 'good' of the old days, which is certainly better than to keep cribbing over the past. But looking at the future with a 'holier than thou' attitude because of this spoils the 'good' part of the sentiment.

We teach kids to take initiative, as we should. Sometimes, that 'initiative' backfires when they turn and question us too.
I think it is in this attitude of being open to question everything - new and old - that the foundation of a good future lies.

"Leadership is not about the next election, it's about the next generation"
These words by Simon Sinek is about believing in the times to come. And I find it reassuring.

Optimism is in seeing the youth questioning the ways of the world on stage and then off it to when they face the world.

Optimism is when they truly believe, without the cynicism of the old, that they can heal the world...


  1. Great post Nimi!!! And I second your thought about optimism... :)

    1. Thanks a lot, Arpita.
      Optimism does help make world a better place...


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