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Lost and Found... in love... (Book Review: Metro Diaries by Namrata)

Book Title: Metro Diaries Author: Namrata 'Love stories aren't created; they are captured' is the beautiful cocoon of love and belief in love stories, that the author, Namrata begins the dedication of Metro Diaries with. The writer is in love with the genre she's writing. And that love sparkles through these Love Classics. "This book is an ode to that magic called love that binds our hearts together and yet the very thing that has the power to break them beyond repair." In the beginning, the author writes that she hopes the stories 'tug your heart'... they do. In their amalgamation and celebration of love. In their exploration of love. The love it talks about is not just the love of conventional love stories, though they are there too. The sensitive emotions, like those of homosexuals, transexuals, domestic violence also find a place in Metro Diaries. These are stories of choice and destiny, of fascination and obses

A Beautiful Accident... (Book Review: The Accidental Wife by Simi K. Rao)

The Accidental Wife Author: Simi K. Rao The eyes on the cover of Simi K. Rao's 'The Accidental Wife' are gorgeous, just as Naina, the accidental wife is. The eyes do not have a joyous expression, as a bride's eyes should. But they are not sad either. They have a questioning, poignant look about them. If one looks closely, a couple is reflected in them. The eyes are arresting and one has to consciously look at the rest of the cover and see the shadowed couple, the flying helicopters, the beautiful sunset... The prologue of 'The Accidental Wife' starts with the wedding night of Rihaan. The typical double-meaning teasing by friends and cousins, most of them as good as strangers. And the prologue ends with Rihaan meeting his wife... the problem is the woman there is not the one he was supposed to have married. The mystery is revealed. The stage is set for an engrossing story. The need for answers to 'how and why it happened'