Lost and Found... in love... (Book Review: Metro Diaries by Namrata)

Book Title: Metro Diaries
Author: Namrata

'Love stories aren't created; they are captured'
is the beautiful cocoon of love and belief in love stories, that the author, Namrata begins the dedication of Metro Diaries with.

The writer is in love with the genre she's writing. And that love sparkles through these Love Classics.
"This book is an ode to that magic called love that binds our hearts together and yet the very thing that has the power to break them beyond repair."

In the beginning, the author writes that she hopes the stories 'tug your heart'... they do. In their amalgamation and celebration of love. In their exploration of love.
The love it talks about is not just the love of conventional love stories, though they are there too. The sensitive emotions, like those of homosexuals, transexuals, domestic violence also find a place in Metro Diaries. These are stories of choice and destiny, of fascination and obsession, of smiles and tears, of finding and discovering oneself - with or without one's loved one.

Metro Diaries is written in a way that a lot is just implied. One has to read between the lines to create a story from the exquisitely expressed delicate feelings.

The words of Metro Diaries enchant you with their poetic descriptions and romantic metaphors.
There are romantic proposals, sadness to tug heart strings.

One of my favourite songs is from the film 'Jogger's Park' sung by 'Adnan Sami' - Ishq Hota Nahin Sabhi Ke Liye...
The stories in Metro Diaries are of the ones who have experienced true love, not all have found true happiness in it though. 
That is what the song is about too. Is having known / experienced love a reward in itself? These stories say so... I would like to believe so :)

Most stories end with a poem, or a quote. Reading the poems from the perspective of the story adds to the depth and romance of the verse.

I would not recommend reading these stories back to back, as a one time read. Each story deserves to be relished by itself.
If read one after the other, the stories can feel rather repetitive, thanks to the common theme. 
Read as individual stories, they are enjoyable.

I am using the word 'story' rather loosely here. Each chapter cannot be termed as a story if one goes by the common definition of the word. Not each chapter is a complete story.
Some of the 'stories' actually read as either a rather personal diary entry or an expressive flow of emotions. These are love stories, love notes, love memories... Get lost in the emotions though, and a story peeps out of it though.

There is enough of a cynic in me to look at these stories without rose-coloured glasses. 
To read them, enjoy them and still feel at the end of some - 'they haven't lived through the hardships of living together in the practical world though'.
But I do enjoy Romance as a genre. I love escaping into the fairytale world of emotions. 
And I enjoyed reading through the charming Love Classics of Metro Diaries.

Quotes I love from Metro Diaries - Love Classics

  • ...sometimes you build walls around your heart not to save yourselves from hurt, but to see who loves you enough to break them and reach the real you.
  • If love is a question, I want you to be its answer.
  • We all love in four ways; one from our heart, where we like someone's nature or actions; one from the mind where we like someone's thoughts; one from the body, where we are physically attracted to someone, and lastly from the soul, one that is our soul mate. Sometimes all the four loves are found in one person, which is very rare and sometimes we find four people for each of these loves. 
  • For me, airports have been a place where memories are made, for that is the place where some are trying to let go, while few are trying to hold on... a beautiful amalgamation of what this whole life is all about.

The text in italics are excerpts from the book.

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*   *   *

About the Book:

Love is one of the most amazing feelings on this earth, one that makes you the most powerful person or the most helpless person in a split second. These stories capture those feelings of despair, longing, love, lust, desire, want, dejection and admiration to create deja vu. Hold onto your hearts as you flip through these pages and take a walk down the memory lane as "Metro Diaries" will revive your innermost feelings and imbibe in you the magic of love. Touching, amusing and deeply moving, Metro Diaries - Love Classics are tales that will hold you from start till end.

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Random Fun Facts:

1. All the stories in the book are real. Name of places and people have been changed to maintain confidentiality.
2. Metro Diaries is a segment on my blog which consists of stories across genres though this book has only got the romance collection.
3. One of the characters in the book is me and NO I am not telling you which one ;) If you think you have the right answer do write to me and I will let you know how close or far you are.
4. All the stories in the book have not been "ended", they have been brought to conclusion in a manner that there can always be a next part to it and the story can go on with the same characters.
5. If observed closely you will notice the stories are not technically love stories where boy meets girl and they fall in love to live happily ever after for I believe love stories are also about what doesn't happen between the lovers.

About the Author:

Namrata is a prolific blogger known by the name Privy Trifles in the blogosphere who romances life through her writings and aspires to make love the universal language. She dons various hats between that of a contributing author to 7 anthologies a reviewer for leading publishing houses an editor to various books and a columnist. Apart from that she is also the editor for an online magazine called Writer's Ezine. Having mastered the nuances of finance till recently she also held the title of an investment banker closely to let it go to embrace her love for writing fully.

Contact the Author:

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  1. This has to be one of my personal favourites. Not because you rated me highly but because you have reviewed it so beautifully! I loved the small nuances of this book that you have struck a chord with you, this for me is a personal victory one that I would like to bask in for long!

    Thank you so much for your lovely words of encouragement!


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