Tuesday, 7 April 2015

So much to do... My #Together Story

‘So much to do’ seems to be my mantra. Another one is ‘life ends, work doesn’t’. The typical mantras of one trying to get multiple things done, day in and day out.

It was a weekend, a long one. With holidays coming up, I had great plans. Now that I think back, I realize that all my plans had to do with catching up on what I do all the time anyway.
Plans included catching up on sleep, getting the house in order, doing some laundry, giving final touches to a couple of pending write-ups, and hopefully, getting time for a board game with kids, and dining out with family.

That is my typical plan for any day-off from work.

I wasn’t initially happy when my well-laid plans were hijacked, though. And taken over they were.

I woke up to a cup of tea waiting for me. A luxurious rarity, I have to say.
I should have concluded then that this day would be different. I didn’t.

I look my time relishing my morning tea, enjoying the rare relaxed morning with my family, still mentally preparing my to-do list for the day. It felt good to start the day without a rush. I thought it meant I would get more done.

I am not proud to admit that I wasn’t happy when my well-laid plans were changed.

Apparently, a picnic had been planned by the rest of my family, without my knowledge… say nothing about my consent…
They said (and they are right) that I wouldn’t have agreed.
After all, there’s ‘so much to do’…

A picnic in Delhi winters on a sunny afternoon was scheduled. Complete with sandwiches made at home, soft drinks at room temperature (room temperature in Delhi winters is good enough), a few games of playing cards, a game of cricket, racing, et al… And just relaxing with a book (for a few minutes) – it was more tempting to just lie back and do nothing.

What luxury it is to do nothing!
And to hear loud laughs of kids running and playing around!

A day with family at Ibn-e-batuta park in Saket, New Delhi. Had it not been the famous song written by Gulzar from the movie Ishqiya, I wouldn’t have remembered given a second thought to the name of the park, forget remembering it…

A day, when I realized it is important to let go at times.
Going back to normal is easy after special time spent with family.
I did get a lot done that day. And more than what I got done, was what I carried forward from the day.
I carried forward happiness and peace to take with me for many days to come.

Note to self: Plan a family picnic any chance I get. No matter however much there is to do…

Optimism Calls...


  1. Nice post..:)
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  2. Nice post nimi.. yes , that bollywood song must have helped you in remembering the name :p

  3. Hello Nimi, I enjoyed the story, a very good read .Family picnic is real fun :)


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