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Book Review - Gillian Felix's Changes (The Family Portrait Series Book 1)

Changes (The Family Portrait Series Vol. 1) Author: Gillian Felix 'Changes' by Gillian Felix starts with the life of Adriana, a teenage soap star, struggling to come to terms with the changes in her life. 'Changes' reads like a very good and very engrossing soap opera. There are many characters. As each one gets introduced, it seems more interesting than the ones before. There may be a rare struggle to remember so many individuals in one story, but thanks to the depth with which each one is written, they manage to touch the reader's heart. An intricate web of love, hatred, regrets, smiles has been woven by Gillian Felix in the first Volume of the Family Portrait Series - Changes. Adriana's a soap star struggling to stay in touch with being special. Leighann on the other hand is a famous singer fighting to stay away from fame. The best thing about this story is that as a reader, I felt an attachment to each. I may not agree with their choices, but