The all-encompassing world of Blogging #BNLF

Once upon a time I used to Read and Write.

(The 'once upon a time' is because although the time I am talking about was maybe a couple of decades back, it seems like another lifetime.)

So I used to Read and Write.
Then came a time, when I would only Read.

Next, 'life' took over. I was busy... at times, busy doing nothing. But usually I was actually busy.
I was not Reading and I was not Writing either.

Years later, I started Reading occasionally.

I knew of Blogging... rather vaguely.
I knew I could write and post it online. What next? I had no idea.

I started blogging, because I needed a reason to write. Blogging is a reason to write, a platform to share one's writings, a blogger's personal abode... and more.

What I had not ever even imagined was that blogging is such an all-encompassing life in itself.

I googled and visited different blogs, read about blogging - and kept blogging myself.

During all this googling, I came across Blogging Communities. Now this shouldn't have come as a surprise. There were bound to be some kind of Club or Community or Group of bloggers.
But this is different. This is huge.

I have found readers in this Community of Bloggers. I have found inspiration to write more. I have found links to other inspirational websites. I have read words of bloggers and have been awed by their expressions.

I have participated in contests. I have received books for reviewing.

I have attended Meets of Bloggers.

None of this I could have ever imagined. It has hardly been a couple of years since I started blogging actively. This world of blogging has me amazed.

Now I have #BNLF to look forward to... Blog Now, Live Forever.

Indiblogger describes BNLF as -

BNLF is about all of us, our generation of pioneers who define our era by the content we create. This is a movement to revel in the sheer joy of our responsibility to translate what we know and feel into a form that will live on forever.

This. Changes. Everything.


The first thing that struck me when BNLF was initially announced was that it is about celebrating the pioneers of blogging.
I have met many bloggers over the last year or so. Some have been blogging for years now.
They talk of a time when blogging was a personal, isolated experience. There were no communities, and there were certainly no contests, or invitations to events. Forget about any opportunity to make any money out of the words that they would painstakingly put out on the World Wide Web.

I started blogging for myself. I thought it would be an isolated experience.
Then the whirlwind of the fascinating world of blogging took over.

The pioneers stuck through the years, when blogging was not as 'interesting', when inspiration to write was not as easily available.

They must really love Blogging.

They 'blogged'... the 'living forever' part they most probably didn't even dream was coming.

BNLF is about enjoying the world of blogging. That is how I see the Indimeets. The fact that one learns tons, that just happens.
I am looking forward to enjoying BNLF. I know I will meet many new friends, passionate for this outstanding world of blogging.

The obvious reality that it is about being casually immersed in the nitty-gritties of this world - Well, I know I will enjoy the nitty-gritties of the art of blogging.

I like that for those two days of BNLF, I will be first and foremost a BLOGGER.


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