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The need for speed...

Aldous Huxley on Speed and Modern Pleasures (Image Source)

Decades back, Aldous Huxley said – “Speed provides the one genuinely modern pleasure”.
He certainly knew what he was talking about.

The reason for speed may be different, what one is seeking speed in may vary, the quantum of speed may increase with time – what remains the same is the high one gets from speed.

There is the high of power and letting go. And then there is the comfort and cocoon of getting things done.

There are two aspects to speed.

Speed is not just about fun. It is also about getting things done…

High speed internet… it certainly is about both fun and getting things done.

Once I have the high speeds of interet on the go with me, what all would I do? A very interesting question to ask. Actually it is like letting a kid free in a huge Toy Store and asking him, what do you want.
I want it all, seems like a good answer.

Anyway I will be a responsible, sensible grown up here.

When I think of the quick speeds, I think of all the time I will save.
Imagine what all I can do with the time I save, when I am not waiting for the videos to buffer, audios to download, pictures to show and pages to load. I will save loads of time.
So I will read more, sleep more, spend more time with family… by default I will smile more.

Now that I have given the sensibly right answer, can I please move on to the real (read not-always-sensible) reasonshigh-speed speed internet has got me excited.

  • ·      I don’t watch videos usually. It is not a choice I make. It is a choice made for me by the time it takes for the videos to play and my impatience. I fight the impatience, but then the logic rebels against waiting for these videos to load.

    Is it important? Is it more important than writing that blog you have been thinking about for days?

    I will watch more videos because there will be no breaks in which impatience and logic can interrupt. 

  • ·      I will write blogs faster.
    This is one reason for being excited about 
    high speed internet  that both the sensible and immature ‘me’ agree with.
    Everything from searching background information about a blog to inserting images while writing the blog, each step is a painfully slow process.

    The creative juices flow and get 
    wasted, while I wait for the page to load. 
    I will blog faster. So I will blog more. I am grinning as I am typing this just thinking about this.

  • ·      I will procrastinate better.
    I have decided to alternate between good and brilliant uses of speed.
    Watching videos is a good use. Blogging more is a brilliant use.On to another good use… procrastination.
    You see, procrastination is an art.

    I know I will always procrastinate till almost the last moment. Fair enough. But if I am using the time to do things that help me relax, wouldn’t I work better at the last minute.

    So whether it is spending time on Facebook and Twitter, or going through the numerous messages of Whatsapp groups,
    high speed internet makes it a pleasurable experience.
    Procrastinate at leisure to achieve the best results at the last moment.

    High Speed Internet can be thanked for this.
  • ·      On to the last brilliant use – Video Calls.Keeping in touch is good. Across cities, across continents, across a couple of kilometers even J
    The point is that I deserve to be able to make good quality video calls whenever I want to talk.

    After all, Har Ek Friend Zaroori Hota Hai…

Tom Cruise said in Top Gun – “I feel the need… the need for speed”

Well, I feel the need… the need for High Speed Internet


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