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Love Forever... (Book Review: Milan - The Wedding Story by Simi K. Rao)

Milan (A Wedding Story) Author: Simi K. Rao The first page of Simi K. Rao's Milan - The Wedding Story has an invitation from the author, addressed to the readers, for the wedding of Mili Bharadwaj and Ahaan Kapoor. A book dedicated to the readers always feels extra special. As I read the dedication, it feels as if it is personally calling out to me. Thanks Simi K. Rao for dedicating this one to your readers. The first chapter of the book (titled 'Mili') takes us to the picturesque Serenity Tea Estate in Coonoor which is Mili's home. Mili's life in the rich household, complete with the ubiquitous Ramu Kaka, seems to be perfect.  But this perfection has minor smears. As Mili thinks of her problems, and then waves them off mentally with 'I'll worry about it later', she reminded me of Scarlett O'Hara's 'I'll think about it tomorrow'. Enter the quintessential hero Ahaan Kapoor and the stage is se