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Well-matched Colours of Love (Book Review - Varsha Dixit's Only Wheat Not White)

Eila Sood is a little clumsy, quite a confidant and advisor, usually assertive career woman on her first visit to New York. "JFK could be an airport of any country! She spotted Whites, Indians, African-Americans, Asians, Hispanics and many other nationalities. It looked like a human world map had come alive under one roof and over a worn blue carpet." Her stay in New York of six months is well-planned. And 'falling in love' is not part of the plans. Eila's clumsiness, at times, does not gel with her confident personality. The clumsiness is very adorable so it makes for a good read. But I hope she grows out of it... Varsha Dixit starts 'Only Wheat Not White' with Maya Angelou's quote - "Love recognizes no barriers. It jumps hurdles, leaps fences, and penetrates walls to arrive at its destination full of hope." When Maya Angelou is called upon to lead way of this tale of love, I expect a book that holds my attention with its

Adventures that interest and inspire - 'Made in India' by Biddu (Book Review)

Made In India - Adventures of a Lifetime BIDDU The cover of 'Made in India' by Biddu has the author playing a guitar. His hair is enjoying the music as much as he is, it seems. And the hair is integral to the persona and performance, mind you. You will understand when you read the book. 'Made in India' is the story of musician Biddu, his adventurous journey from Bangalore (unlike the happening Bengaluru of today) to the happening streets of London and beyond. I will not even try to bracket Biddu's 'Made in India' in a single category. 'Made in India' is a rags to riches story. Not literally so, but it seems like it. 'Made in India' in an inspirational book. It is an exciting reading Biddu's life story as he struggles but never whines. "...this is the road I had chosen, so I wasn't looking for sympathy, just a massive hit record." Biddu writes about impossible dreams. The kind of 'impossible' t