Archer's Destiny - a Haiku

The third anniversary celebrations of my favourite prompt site - Carpe Diem Haiku Kai - have begun.

The first episode is about Ohmato Taikai, Festival of the Great Target. This Japanese festival is about archery competition and this tradition dates back almost 400 years.

As I let my senses get enveloped with the thought of this festival and I try to come up with a haiku in tune with this prompt, my thoughts keep going to Arjuna.

Arjuna, one of the protagonists of Mahabharata, was an ace archer.
He famously faced the challenge in which he had to lift, string, and fire a special bow. Then he had to pierce the eye of a golden fish whilst only looking at its reflection.

Hence, this Haiku on archery and Arjuna's marrying Draupadi after winning this challenge -

focused on the eye
the archer lost in his art
- destiny won

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Carpe Diem #831 Ohmato Taikai (Festival of the Great Target)


  1. Loving it! Destiny (aided by Kunti et al) indeed took away from Arjun the bride that was justifiably his own.
    Is this Japanese archery festival related to Indian mythology or does it carry its own story?

    1. This post wouldn't have been possible, had I not read and loved your book. So special thanks to you...

  2. beautiful Nimi :-)
    Cheers, Archana -

  3. I hadn't thought of Arjuna as I created this episode, but I like your choice for Arjuna. You have brought him into this episode in very nice haiku. Really I am in awe Nimi.

    1. Thank you, Kristjaan. This comment, coming from you, means a lot...


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