Inherited Enmity

Across the road, we looked at each other
My age he was, should have been a friend
My father hated his, the feeling reciprocated
The two had been friends, my grandma told
Seeking the same girl's affection started the war
A wrongly parked car, music too loud
There were reasons galore to keep the hatred alive
Across the road, we stared at each other
Grown ups now, enemies since birth
Few years passed, the fathers left us
Across the road, our sons stared at each other
The wives chose to let them be
Our sons became friends, the BFF kind
Across the road, we exchanged smiles
I chose to cross the road
And disown the inherited enmity

'A Foe Turned Friend'


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks Vidya. And thanks for following the blog...

  2. that's a good one! "I chose to cross the road" is the highlight in the entire poetry.

  3. Crossing the bridge, the hatred that wasn't to be there but was still being passed. Lovely!

    1. Thanks... it is kind of inspired from a true story :)

  4. That's quite sweet... Children often break the enmities, but they should be taught to do so as-well

    1. Very right, Amita... but grown-ups do not always teach the 'right' things, do they?


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