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Standing the test of time (Sasha Clinton's You're Still the One)

You’re Still The One
Author: Sasha Clinton Genre: Contemporary Romance
One love. One man. Two chances. Ashley has her life sorted out. After a painful divorce, she has now rebuilt her life as an editor. She is happy with her life—until her ex-husband Andrew walks into it, opening up the deep scars that even time has failed to heal. He’s gorgeous, funny and as utterly tempting as he was seven years ago. Plus, being the editor for his new book, she cannot avoid him. But Andrew has his own issues lingering from the past. Bound together by work, every breath they take draws them closer, into the same hopeless, passionate love that they once shared...
*  *  * My Review
'Love conquers all'... How we wish that would be true, isn't it? But it isn't.
It has happened so often that I would read a happy ending in a book, or watch a 'happily ever after' conclusion to a movie, and I am thinking - 'Good, but how can they continue to be happy? They have so much going against them.&…

Recognitions through ages (Daniela I. Norris' Recognitions - Book Review)

Recognitions Author: Daniela I. Norris Publisher: Roundfire Books Pages: 200 Genre: Inspirational/Women’s Fiction

Amelia is struggling with separation from her husband of - years, two teenage children, her job, and a novel that she has been writing. She agrees to hypnotherapy, although she has doubts about it.

What follows are creative inspirations, striking dreams, and surprising discoveries.

Recognitions is not one story. It is three different plots, each a treat in its own right.
As the author moves from one story to another, and then comes back, I, as a reader, was eager to find out how each one would pan out. And obviously, how the three will intertwine.

Adele, a French girl at crossroads in life. Does she make the right decision finally?

An African Shaman makes some tough choices.

Amelia is a witness to it all, initially wary. As she accepts changes in her old relationships, and paves a way for new, the three different tales merge.

Daniela I. Norris has weaved an emotionally poten…

Book Information (Mya Kay's Fumbled Your Heart)

Fumbled Your Heart Author: Mya Kay