A sincere remembrance - Ajay K Pandey's You are the best wife (Book Review)

You are the Best Wife - a true love story
Author: Ajay K Pandey
Genre: Fiction
Publisher: Srishti Publishers and Distributors
Pages: 240

The blurb of 'You are the Best Wife' has Bhavna's last words to the author as "You are the best husband."

'You are the Best Wife' is an account of the true story of the author and his late wife. It is the debut work of Ajay K. Pandey. An account of the author's life with his wife, it is an endearing remembrance.

While reading 'You are the Best Wife', it is almost as if one is reading someone's journal. The language is simple.
The humour in the book, mostly self-deprecating, keeps the story light and fun to read.

Ajay meets Bhavna in college. So the story starts from their college life onwards. There is a raw, real feel to the words and story of 'You are the Best Wife' as one would expect from it.

'You are the Best Wife' is an honest book. You may not agree with Ajay's way of doing things, but you cannot accuse him of being pretentious, or glossing over his own gaffes.

There are many matter-of-fact things that one gets to learn through it. Read it to enjoy a peek into the life of college kids and the many nuances of their lives.
For example, did you know? - "Allahabad is the only place where a majority asks for discounts as there are students everywhere."

There are many, what I would call, cheesy lines in the romance. Or may be I am 'calling' it wrong. Wouldn't it be better to look at them as realistic? As I said, it is an honest book.
Bhavna comes across as a delightful, if somewhat gullible, person.

As I see it, it is about Ajay's relationship with Bhavana, But also his relationship with God.

I enjoyed reading the author's God-jokes. They may seem slightly blasphemous. But I have always believed that God has a great sense of humor.

As all the fresh engineers are being interviewed for their jobs, the author thinks - "God's bandwidth will get blocked today." And so prays - "Please shift your network from the government to some private operator this time."

It is writing as you speak, at times clearly as if translated literally from Hindi. Strange, original metaphors.
As the author gets a chance to interact with Bhavna, he writes of it as - "Now, I was free to cross the LoC. Terrorists like me were ready for this kind of infiltration with the support of hostel pals."

Reads like a journal - interesting, but at times, with too may details.

I didn't expect any great literary work. As I said, I got what I expected.
It is not a politically correct book, it is a true-to-heart story.

This one is an emotional tale of struggling to find one's place through innocent blunders and unexpected heartache.
'You are the Best Wife' is a sincere book about youth, love, family, and life's brutal lessons.

*  *  *

I received a free copy of this book in exchange for my honest review

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