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Sensitive and Confident (The Emerging Sensitive By Maria Hill - Book Review)

An amusing mirror to the society (Book Review - A Dog Eat Dog-food World: By C. Suresh)

A Dog Eat Dog-food World Author: C. Suresh

The Prologue of A Dog Eat Dog-food World begins with an ambiguous, philosophical, offbeat write-up by the author describing what makes history. 

"You must all be familiar with the story of Adam and Eve. The new fruit-seller in town - The Serpent - sold them the idea of plucking apples fresh off the tree. We all know what happened to that duo and the history of all their descendants. But, do any of us know what happened to that Serpent? Yes! I thought not! It is ever thus. Someone gives wrong advice - with deliberate malice or careless stupidity - and goes on his merry way. The ones who take that advice are the ones who suffer and, by suffering, make an entry into the annals of History."

And I was hooked. 
His analysis and arguments are the kind that make you think, 'Very interesting. I am surprised I never thought of it this way'.

"To make History you not only need to change yourself, you also need to interfere with and chang…