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Poetic journey of love (Book Review- Sarah Elle Emm's Absence of you)

Title: Absence of You Author: Sarah Elle Emm Released On: 17th May, 2016 Genre: Poetry
Sarah Elle Emm's Absence of You is a love story. Yes, it is a collection of poems, but these poems tell a tale of loving, losing, and surviving with a renewed, stronger relationship.

The book is divided into three parts - Fallen, Broken, and Renewed.

I have read a romantic thriller Last Vacation by the author before this. In its' review, I wrote that the characters leave a mark.

Absence of You, being poetry, is obviously abstract. Yet while reading from the first poem about love at first sight to the last about mature love, Sarah Elle Emm manages to give an identity to the nameless lovers in the mind of the reader.

From across a crowded room You gave your heart to mine Before we'd even met, You told me with your eyes.
As I said before, this collection conveys a touching story.

Absence of You are not the typical love poems. They use unusual metaphors to convey the feelings.

I was in a box A convenience A…

Celebration of writing (Brenda Moguez's Nothing is lost in loving)

Title: Nothing is Lost in Loving Author: Brenda Moguez Genre: Women’s Fiction
Nothing is lost in loving starts as Stella's period of mourning over her husband's death is ending. It is not the ceremonial mourning period that has ended.
It has been two years since the death of her husband, Bobby.

"I don't tread lightly over the past. The incidental memories we made in the passing of a day are addicting and all too alluring. After his death I could cocoon myself in. I held on to the past with a vengeance."

Stella's son, Santi and best friend, Bono are the two constants in life now.

But things are changing. She's dreaming of another man and Bono sees this as a sign that Stella's ready to let go of the past.

"Grief recovery is an arduous process to say the least. You eventually get to the other side, where breathing isn't labored, the sky becomes blue again, you can feel the breeze on your cheeks, and little by little the heart you thought was covered i…

Absurd, yet so good (Book Review - David S. Atkinson's Not Quite So Stories)

Title: NOT QUITE SO STORIES Author: David S. Atkinson
Publisher: Literary Wanderlus LLC
Pages: 166
Genre: Absurdist Literary Fiction
The stories of David S. Atkinson's Not Quite So Stories are, for want of a better word, weird.
They are not your typical short stories and they are certainly not what I had expected.

So, the 'not quite so stories' are weird, atypical and unexpected. And I enjoyed reading them. Read between the lines and you'd be surprised by their depth.
Read them superficially and they are 'absurd'.

The author's dedication for this book is
"For Shannon, who graciously puts up with my absurdities and loves me anyway.
Also for every third person named Fred."

When I re-read the dedication after having read the book, it held more meaning. Thus my use of the word 'absurd'.

The stories are very well-written.
The humor, the emotions, the terror - it is all subtle.
The paradox is that everything is exaggerated and yet the underlying message is sub…