A perfect vacation...

My perfect vacation...

Leisure and Laziness
Fun and Frolic
Excitement and Energy
Smiles in miles

The idea of a perfect vacation for me is full of paradoxes. And yet I think I am clear about what I want.
One pre-requisite for a good holiday is planning. I like my comforts, even if it means giving up on spontaneity once in a while.

One of my favorite vacations in recent times has been to Singapore.
I think the familiarity I have with the place makes it more comforting. Add to that the balance between doing the touristy stuff and being laid back that we managed to achieve, and perfect memories are all out there.

The Yatra was planned, tickets booked, hotels searched for…

After all the chaos of planning and packing, the first feeling of being on a vacation sinks in at the airport.

Click, click, click starts. 

The paintings on the wall.

The planes ready to fly. 

The view during take-off.

What after all is a vacation if you haven’t seen as much through the camera lens as you have from your naked eye. Or do I wink more in the camera, I always wonder.

I winked at the food too, before eating it J

Hello Singapore…

The ‘No Durians’ warning always brings a smile to my face. Such love-hate relationship the Singaporeans have with this fruit.

A vacation needs tiring days of walking and looking at other beings. We spent a day Singapore Zoo and another evening enjoying Night Safari.

Then we spent another leisurely day lazying around and enjoying the rush of Singapore’s busy world.

Ended the serene, relaxing day at the Gurudwara. The langar was bliss.

What is a trip to Singapore without soaking in the exuberant ambiance of Universal Studios?

Why is souvenir shopping soothing? And why do I shop for more souvenirs for myself than as gifts for others?

The Fridge Magnets, some funky bracelets, and merlion show pieces bought, we moved on to a city tour atop an open bus.

Bye Singapore... Until next time...

What do you bring back from a vacation?
Fatigue? You know, the saying that says ‘I need a vacation to get over the fatigue of my vacation.’
Well, you do need to get back to the ‘normal’ life and there won’t be any time to ease into it. You come back and you are expected to just right into the routines.

I think, what you come back with is not fatigue, if you have had a good mix of excitement and leisure on a vacation.
What you do come back with is a mix of restlessness and excitement… restlessness of leaving behind the time-out from life, and excitement of going right back into life with more enthusiasm.

Whenever I am back from vacation, I miss my camera the most. It is with me all the time, I use it more on such holidays, more than I do the rest of the time combined.

So, as I relish the results of my beautiful, but brief rendezvous with my camera, it is time to give it a rest, until I plan the next perfect vacation.


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