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Poetic journey of love (Book Review- Sarah Elle Emm's Absence of you)

Title: Absence of You
Author: Sarah Elle Emm
Released On: 17th May, 2016
Genre: Poetry

Sarah Elle Emm's Absence of You is a love story. Yes, it is a collection of poems, but these poems tell a tale of loving, losing, and surviving with a renewed, stronger relationship.

The book is divided into three parts - Fallen, Broken, and Renewed.

I have read a romantic thriller Last Vacation by the author before this. In its' review, I wrote that the characters leave a mark.

Absence of You, being poetry, is obviously abstract. Yet while reading from the first poem about love at first sight to the last about mature love, Sarah Elle Emm manages to give an identity to the nameless lovers in the mind of the reader.

From across a crowded room
You gave your heart to mine
Before we'd even met,
You told me with your eyes.

As I said before, this collection conveys a touching story.

Absence of You are not the typical love poems. They use unusual metaphors to convey the feelings.

I was in a box
A convenience
A tool for the occasional need...

It is the second part of the book - Broken - that dominates. It has the maximum number of poems and they leave a lasting impression of longing.

The first poem of this part, 'Somewhere Between' is one of my favorites. It describes a couple that the lovers had once seen arguing at a restaurant. The poem ends with -

We became that couple,
We forgot our vow.

There's desperation -

Don't call me pretty
Forget the lies
Whatever keeps you drawn,
I'm here, by your side.

There's fond remembrance -

If I could paint a still life,
I would capture your photo inside,
Right next to the deck of cards
We used to play into the night

The 'Renewed' part has semblance of maturity and acceptance. Is it also compromise, I wonder...

We don't waste our time with regret 
We see the bond that grew from the pain,
We're imperfect, human, and utterly hopeless
But our love's unshakeable all the same.

Contentment is in the air as this poetic journey of love ends -

Our love had been tested, but fortified
And is now truer
Than we ever could have dreamed.

Sarah Elle Emm's Absence of You celebrates the many emotions of a lover.
The poems are an enjoyable read. The subject of love is certainly a charm.
But it is the fact that each poem is so different, that each poem has a depth of expression, that makes this collection especially fascinating.

*  *  *
The italicised, colored text are excerpts from the book.

I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

This Feature is a part of the Blogger Outreach Program by b00k r3vi3w Tours

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About the Book

Absence of You, a collection of poems, takes you through stages of love, from the first moments of falling, to heartache, to healing and growing. With Sarah Elle Emm’s simple, yet powerful, words and rhythm, venture through the ups and downs on this heartfelt journey.

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About the Author

Sarah Elle Emm is the author of ABSENCE OF YOU, LAST VACATION, the HARMONY RUN SERIES, and MARRYING MISSY. She has lived in Germany, England, Mexico, the U.S. Virgin Islands, and traveled extensively beyond. Her writing cave is currently located in the Outer Banks. When she’s not leading kitchen dance parties with her daughters, she writes poetry and fiction.

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  1. Thank you for the beautiful post and review. <3

    1. I loved your poems, Sarah. So thanks to you too :)


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