A flash of lightning - Tan Renga

a flash of lightning—
passing through the darkness
a night heron’s scream             
© Basho
a shiver through the spine
Adventure behind closed doors © Nimi


  1. Finding your blog for the first time on the Summer road trip. As hard as I tried, I didn't get to everyone. I wonder if anyone ever does. I love poetry though have never had any luck with trying Haiku. I am just finishing up a series of June Posts on summertime while growing up and how to recapture some of those moment this summer. Hope you have time to spend a few minutes and read some of them to gauge what the blog can be about. Enjoy the summer road trip. I'll be back.

    1. Thanks for visiting, Stepheny. Look forward to sharing our love for poetry.

  2. Very nice continuation Nimi ... full of tension


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