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That Intense love, No puppy love (Book Review - MV Kasi's That Same Old Love)

Title:  That Same Old Love Author:  MV Kasi Genre:  Romance Mahi is back in her hometown, Hyderabad, after having spent years in the USA. Having struggled through insecurities, disappointments, and pain of familial relationships, she wants to let go of her past mistakes and start over. Samrat, who had been a victim of Mahi's selfish pranks, is now a tycoon and also her neighbour. He obviously doesn't believe that Mahi has, or can, change since he last knew her in college. The attraction between the two is sizzling from the very beginning. As they cross paths often, it is fun to read their banter. That Same Old Love  is a story in which each of the characters, however fleeting a place they may have, has a strong presence. The secondary plots, such as Sidhu and Ananya, or even the cursory mention of the story behind Samrat's parents leave an impact in the mind of the readers. This is why That Same Old Love is an enjoyable read, even though the author ha

the open window - tan renga

This week's Tan Renga Challenge at Carpe Diem Haiku Kai is a hokku by Jane Reichhold. The challenge is to add 2 lines to it. The host of Carpe Diem, Chévrefeuille has taken the hokku forward beautifully. the open window screened with a web leaf shadows                           (Jane Reichhold) the buzzing of a fly stops a spider's dinner                       (Chèvrefeuille) I tried quite a bit but couldn't come up with something that I felt was half as good. Anyway these are the result of efforts. the open window screened with a web leaf shadows                           (Jane Reichhold) Moving shadow, spider scampers -wind's mischief, o sun's routine   (Nimi Arora) And here's another one - the open window screened with a web leaf shadows                           (Jane Reichhold) eagerly waiting eyes hope unscreened                       (Nimi Arora) Prompt by and Shared with- Carpe Diem Tan Renga Challenge #108

I wish I could be six again... a poem

When one lost pencil was my biggest worry I wish I could be six again to enjoy losing the small things A scribble on a piece of paper -my most cherished treasure I wish I could be six again so I could appreciate those riches A friend's sad expression was enough to make me sob I wish I could be six again so I could feel freely again Excitement of school picnic would keep me awake I wish I could be six again to have those first experiences again My small, secure family was my world I wish I could be six again and not know to ask for more © Nimi Arora

blackthorn - haiku

the struggles gleam from each wrinkle -smiling lady ©Nimi Arora Prompt by and Shared with- Carpe Diem #1001 Blackthorn

ascension - haiku

The Theme Week #5 at Carpe Diem Haiku Kai is about Ascension. The dictionary meanings of Ascension include: the action of rising to an important position or a higher level. the ascent of Christ into heaven on the fortieth day after the Resurrection. The host of Carpe Diem Haiku Kai, Chèvrefeuille has broadened the spiritual threshold of this subject. He says: "...ascension describes how we humans can ascend to a new dimension through spiritual growth." Guru Nanak Dev ji has written about five realms or stages of spiritual progress leading man to the Ultimate Truth. The realm of righteous action (Dharam Khand) The realm of knowledge (Gian Khand) The realm of spiritual endeavour (Saram Khand) The realm of grace (Karam Khand) The realm of truth (Sach Khand) The journey through the five stages is not an ascension into some higher regions beyond our lives and our world; rather, it is based on drawing the Divine into the human situation. ( Source: Sikhism

A story of fate, faith, and love that lasts forever (Book Review: Elaine Pinter's Eternal Mercury)

Title: Eternal Mercury Author: Elaine Pinter Eternal Mercury  is an emotionally charged story of love. It begins with the word 'Perfect'. That's how Chelsee Taylor describes her life as the book begins. She is about to graduate from high school, her childhood friend Max is now her boyfriend, and her life ahead is all figured out. In the beginning, even as Chelsee describes her 'perfect' life, as she tells that she is always smiling, as she explains the heady feeling she gets every time Max kisses her, surprisingly, it doesn't read as a cheesy account coming from the inexperience and illusions of youth. Rather there is a serenity that rings true. Eternal Mercury has a short preface that describes an accident. Thanks to this preface, the author manages to keep you on tenterhooks despite this serenity, waiting for that crash to happens. It starts as a sweet story of young love, and moves on to one of loss and pain. When Max dies and Chelsee

A Celebration of the Big Indian Joint Family (Book Review: Sriram Balasubramanian's Jamba The Joint Family)

Title: Jamba The Joint Family Author: Sriram Balasubramanian Jamba The Joint Family is the story of Karthik, his grandmother (Jamba patti) and his extended family.  The book is written in Karthik's first person narrative. Karthik has his priorities perfect, unlike most people in reality.  He loves (or rather worships) and appreciates his grandmother.  "I could not admire a person more. I could not adore a person more. I could not love a person more, and I could not care for a person more. Jamba patti was a gem and my guiding light." He has no grudges against his parents, who couldn't spend much time with him.  He moans about the extended family but clearly is fond of them. And in some cases, would rather tolerate them than disappoint the others in the family. He is a good guy, sensitive beyond his years, and yet so naive. Jamba starts with a pre-script, giving a glimpse into the crisis that is to follow during the course of the story. A c

Oak - Haiku

standing tall the shadow awaits a tired back ©Nimi Arora Oak ( Image Source )

Stories that leave a mark (Book Review - Encounters by Sumana Khan)

Title: Encounters - Someone's Always Waiting... Author: Sumana Khan Encounters is a collection of five stories that the author describes as 'uneven, quirky creations'.  I like this description... though the I would primarily describe them as touching (at times, disturbingly so), warm (even as they give you goosebumps), and unexpected. Each story has a pivotal encounter that changes the life of the protagonist. Stories of varying lengths, they are for believers... believers of the fact that there is a lot that we don't know. We expect things to be a certain way. Encounters draws you into a world that questions the 'normal'. Each story is a story of love, but they are not love stories. Encounters questions our definitions of 'normal'. Tales of strong individuals who have experienced the mystical presence, the emotions resulting from the encounters are the common theme of these stories. These are unusual stories of certain chosen