Book Review: Wrong Means Right End by Varsha Dixit

Title: Wrong Means Right End
Author: Varsha Dixit
Genre: Contemporary Romance

The second story of love and friendship in the 'Right Wrong Series' by Varsha Dixit is Wrong Means Right End.

As I was reading the Right Fit Wrong Shoe, I was wondering what Wrong Means Right End would be about. I hadn't read the blurb.
I had thought that had Sneha not been married, it could have been about her finding love.
Well, Sneha was married. Now she is not.

Ok, back to the beginning...

Wrong Means Right End is the story of Sneha, a happily divorced single mother, and Nikhil, who made a fleeting appearance in the previous book. 
When the two meet for the first time in this book, it is not a good start for them. There are antagonism and awkwardness. The apparent dislike between the two, and the obvious attraction make for a perfect kick-off for a story of romance.

Nikhil is good looking and filthy rich, just as Aditya in Right Fit Wrong Shoe.

Sneha's best friend, Nandini had been united with the love of her life, Aditya in Right Fit Wrong Shoe.
She is here too, newly married, and battling her own share of problems.
The backdrop has shifted from Kanpur to Mumbai. 

Oh, and there is Gayathri, the rich, spoiled girl to whom Aditya had been engaged previously. The fact that Gayathri is like family to Nikhil doesn't help matters.

Usually in such series, the couples from the previous books get a passing mention a couple of times. Not so in this one. Aditya and Nandini play an important role in the polot of this book. I do think though that even if one has not read the previous book, this book will work well as a standalone story.

The banter between the two friends has escalated in this book.

One very interesting thread that runs through the book is the mixed-up abusive words that Sneha and Nandini use.
"Thanks to Advey's habit of picking up only cuss words from entire sentences, Sneha and Nandini's colourful lingo had down downgraded to age-appropriate but confusing material."
So there is hitch, loody bell, and a lot more.

Question to author: Why did Advey never pick up the word 'Kulta'?
I do think this word was used once too often.

Loved Mona's 'Trust me, I'm a psychologist', and then making statements that had me feeling *facepalm*.

Just as in Right Fit Wrong Shoe, the writing is informal and relaxed, with the slang-factor turned up a notch.
The titles of the chapters continue to charm - I googled you, Blow your horn, Earth to Mars...

With Nandini adjusting to a new lifestyle, Sneha finding her footing in a new city, Nikhil and Gayathri out for revenge for being jilted by Aditya, the story of Wrong Means Right End moves fast.

Sneha's hot-headed actions, her care-a-damn attitude towards consequences of her actions, Nikhil's understated yet potent reactions, all make for a good read.

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Wrong Means Right End tells the tale of Sneha, a single mother who is working hard to earn a living to support herself and her young son. Her focus solely lies on making their ends meet and she has lost interest in love or dating. Sneha's best friend Nandini is now happily married to Aditya, an industrialist. Nandini's concern for Sneha makes her act as a matchmaker, who wants to fill her life with love and happiness. Sneha's regular pace of life is disturbed when Nikhil, a man with whom she shares an unpleasant past, enters in her life. He is haughty and Sneha will go to any extent to keep her distance from him. If these problems weren't enough, another troublemaker, Gayathri, enters the picture to create havoc. Gayathri is Aditya's ex girlfriend who still likes him and is trying her best to jeopardize Nandini and Aditya's relationship. The only person that could help Sneha in stopping Gayatri is Nikhil. Considering their hatred for each other, will Sneha approach Nikhil for saving Nandini and Aditya's marriage?

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About the Author - Varsha Dixit

Varsha Dixit, the bestselling author of four successful contemporary romance books. Her debut book, Right Fit Wrong Shoe was a national bestseller for the year 2010. Varsha was a part of the Indian Television Industry and worked as an assistant director and online editor. She considers herself a dreamer who thinks deep but writes light. Even though creativity is gender free,Varsha feels blessed and enriched to be a woman. Currently, with her family, Varsha resides in CA, USA.

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